The story of Eve being created from the side of Adam is symbolic of the process of “Eve-olution”. Eve is, literally, “the mother of all living”, indicating that Eve represents the eve-olution of life. Compare “Eve” (Life!) to Adam: the word “Adam” is from the Hebrew for “red-brown soil”, or inorganic existence. Eve coming from the side of Adam represents life evolving from inorganic processes, imbued with the quickening Breath of God.

God programmed Adam to give rise to Eve, and from all appearances, it looked like a purely naturally explainable phenomenon. But those who have faith, can see God’s Spirit even in the deoxyribonucleic acid of a Pan paniscus.


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I have found that the closer one looks at life or existence in general the more powerful and beautiful God becomes. The more you understand His creation the more you respect Him. Science is just another way God can display His power and beauty.


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