EvE Online

Hi I’m Stephen, I been playing EvEonline an MMO about spaceships flown by our race 20000 years into the future. Suprisingly theres no space creepy crawly races just us :stuck_out_tongue:

Old intro movie

New intro movie

You can do anything in this game that you seen in movies about ships except time travel.

Mine, pirate, transport goods, join navy fleets. build stations ect.

I would like to request those who are interested to join me in CVA (Curatores Veritatis Alliance) An allaince devoted to God the empire and order. I am the second in command of a corperation which leads the allaince faith.

The Amarr people are the desendance of the Christain who came to New Eden.

You have no idea how refreshing it is to play a video game when Gods in it and you can be faithful in in game terms.

Anyway for those people interested join up for those parents looking for a game for kids that has some values look no farther.

That said however its not an easy game but I’ll show the robes to those interested.

God bless.

Hmm maybe a video more informative to the fuctions of game play seem to be in order…


Come on gamers fighting for God and having fun blowing up ships. you can’t pack more geeky goodness into it!

Speaking as a one-time new player to Eve, I did try this game out for a few weeks but just couldn’t get hooked. I think I spent most of my time mining ore to get better ships and gear to outfit the ship as well as running simple missions against npc spawns.

This game has a steep learning curve. It took a long time to figure out how to outfit a ship (I’m sure I never grasped all the mechanics) and learn my way around high/mid security space. Also, since I never joined a guild I felt kinda lost and bored among the vast emptiness of space.

I’ve played other MMOs before (long time FFXI player and dabbled in WoW), and it is definitely the community that makes or breaks these games. It’s especially important when the game universe is as vast as Eve’s.

I’d definitely try your guild if I was a new player Kithrus. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time for MMOs anymore.

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