The local Episcopal Church has a wonderful evensong service on Wednesday evenings. I sometimes attend this service and then stay for a Spanish class afterwards. There is no communion, just readings from the Bible and choral selections from the choir. They always sing the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis, which I understand are traditional for evening services. The whole thing is very traditional, not modern.

I have never known a Catholic church to offer an evensong service, is this a typically Episcopalian thing? I thought evening mass might be something a Traditional Catholic church might do, but wasn’t sure. I wish my local Catholic parish would do some things like this.

Evensong, a.k.a. Evening Prayer, is an Episcopal amalgammation of Catholic Vespers and Compline, hence the canticles that you mentioned.

I heard the Anglican ordinate will be using this system in lieu of the Roman Office as one of the traditions they’re retaining.

Do any of the EF (or OF) churches observe Vespers or Compline on a weekly basis?

Vespers is not as common in the USA as it was before WWII. Beyond that I have no statistics, though it is not likely to be many parishes. Most priests pray Compline privately.

If the OP is anywhere near any of the monasteries in Ohio, he might check there.

I go to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit here in suburban Atlanta once in a while to hear the Cistercian Brother’s sing vespers and/or compline.


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