Event planning and gay marriages

What if you were an event planner or worked for an event planner and you were asked to plan a gay marriage. would it be sinful to do so? Owner? vs. Employee?

What if you worked for a convention center and were contacted to host the homosexual convention or something and were assigned to work on the project?

What if you worked in a convenience store that sold pornography and someone asked you to sell them a magazine. would that be a sin?

Yes on all counts. To lend support in any fashion to something like homosexual “marriage” would be a mortal sin 100% of the time.

Well, hehe, in this day in age, you can say “I can’t sell this/plan this/speak at this because of my religious beliefs.” and no one would dare fire you for that because that could follow a law suit, and nobody wants that :smiley:

All kidding aside, its a good question. It reminds me of a story about how a general in war was making the soldiers kill innocents and the soldier was having inner conflict because he knew that the wrong, but he also knew that insubordination=treason. Makes me think of my grandpa who was a pharmacist for years. He was very involved in the church, and I doubt that he would ever fill a birth control or a morning after pill prescription…

How about serving and working alongside gay people in the armed forces? The “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is now history. Where, then, do Christians draw the lline to avoid contact?:blush:

Um…it’s not catching. If sexual orientation were communicable, there would be no gay people because they would “catch” being straight from the majority that is heterosexual!!


Yes on all counts. To lend support in any fashion to something like homosexual “marriage” would be a mortal sin 100% of the time.

Seriously? Just because you are working there does not me you are supporting it but being obedient to your employer? I think the owner of the event planning business would have other obligations though.

Walmart sells condoms and you are the cashier that checks them out? You are the obedient employee.

The general making soldiers murder people is different I think. That is someone asking you to do the sin of murder. You are not engaging in homosexual acts yourself by working a gay marriage event. and you are not the judge performing the marriage. The judge would be like the pharmacist here.

I remember this now. It is the principles of cooperation with evil. there is remote cooperation and stuff like that. I think the judge and the pharmacist and the event planning business owner has more direct cooperation. the judge would be performing the sin of desecrating marriage or something and the event planner business owner would be performing the sin of supporting the desecration of marriage. Jimmy Akin talked about these principles it in one of his podcast.

i don’t know. I’m exhausted. i been asking too many questions lately.:hypno:

Reply to my own words lol.
Now that I think about, i think having to plan a gay marriage because my boss told me to would feel like my heart was getting stabbed every second I was working on it. :heart:
Maybe that other guy is right. Or maybe I could do it, and be pleasant, but not supportive, if that is possible. Either that or get fired and do undue harm to myself because of other people’s sins.

But then you get to be a victim!!! You get to tell everyone how those horrible gay people forced you out of your job and placed your family in poverty!! You’ll probably be on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and maybe even EWTN!! You’ll be famous!!

and then the gay couple will be victims too!! They get to tell everyone how horrible your prejudice made them feel!! They’ll be showered with affection and offers to plan their event for free! They’ll be on Ellen, and maybe on the Today show!!! They’ll be famous!!

This is where these issues get to me. Both sides have this agenda, they’re both trying to play the victim card and it’s just all so tiresome.

Yes, I hear you, Seeker1961. You got the message. Finally someone did!;):thumbsup:

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