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Last Wednesday December 9th occurred one of those horrific moments where terrorism broke lose on a relatively unknown community … Now when people in the media mention “San Bernardino” or maybe “Redlands” a certain picture emerges. Well for me these cities are more than just a media impression as I’ve lived in these cities most of my life. I was employed by the Regional Center that was attacked…and worked with dedicated Public Health employees for years… People who had no other agenda than serving those in need in the communities of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Another reason this was brought “home” to me was that I live within a block of the apartment that was rented by the suspects who allegedly had an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and pipe bombs…

I walked my dog across the street where they lived. So there has been for me a numbness felt and memories of my past working experiences in various agencies years ago.

Over the past weekend as a representative of the Baha’i Faith I attended two memorial services at local Islamic Centers in Redlands and the neighboring community of Loma Linda. I think the Muslims at these services were sincerely opposed to the assaults at the Regional Center in San Bernardino… We united in prayer and sympathy for the innocent.

One thing that is of most concern to me is the “back lash” that these events can inspire… We need to unite and share the values of peace and non-violence rather than resort to vengeance or to scape-goat minorities.

I would be more concerned with an Islamic terrorist attack in the future than any so called backlash. There seems to be barely any backlash to these sorts of attacks that warrant any serious serious concern.

It’s shameful that there were people who suspected this couple but held back on reporting for fear of being cast as racist or anti Muslim.

I haven’t heard any calls for vengeance… have you?

And, of course, what would your definition of “scapegoating” be? Is it wrong to note that perpetrators of Islamicist violence are Muslims? Naturally, that implies that not all Muslims are Islamicist radicals; but if all Islamicist radicals are Muslims, doesn’t that tell us something helpful in our attempts to protect ourselves from violence?


Agreed. There seems to be MUCH, MUCH more concern that certain groups will be offended, than in protecting ALL citizens from another attack. :frowning:

I live in San Bernardino. I understand your feeling of numbness.

I agree there shouldn’t be a backlash against Muslims. But I haven’t heard about anything of the sort. My husband and I drove past the IRC yesterday, and all I saw was a peaceful gathering around a shrine of flowers, candles, and posters. None of the posters I saw was calling for revenge.

I think most people get that this was the action of one couple and is in no way representative of Muslims as a whole. What I’m worried about is that some other radicalized individuals may see this as an inspiration for further attacks.

Agreed. In fact, the American people should be congratulated for demonstrating that the American spirit is still alive and well. The fact is Muslims live in greater fear for life and limb in Muslim dominant countries than they do here.


Thanks for your comments Kay! And I’m glad you were able to see the memorial at the Regional Center… I have yet to drive by it.

My son and I were driving around our town and witnessed an incident where a middle eastern man was accosted on the street in broad daylight… The problem is many people are uneducated and sometimes react from fear.

Now is the time I believe to express our deepest values and highest aspiration and show that terrorism will not work to divide us.

Unfortunately there will always be some idiots who blame the majority for the actions of a few. I’m glad to see, though, that this is the exception. So far I haven’t seen any backlash. I’m sorry you had to witness some. :frowning:

Thanks for your post Kay… I found an article in the Christian Science Monitor that also mentions the response of the Muslim community in San Bernardino/Redlands area:

Pardon i’m a lot more pessimistic about this but - the backlash is coming.

Not specifically for what happened in San Bernadino, but if we do continue to have more incidents akin to what happened there, than we are heading toward a great big backlash.

The problem is that the nature of terrorism as experienced by the West has changed.

IN the age of Osama Bin Laden, when Symbolic/High Value targets were the goal, the average person didn’t have much to worry about unless they were at some Iconic monument/Federal Building/etc. etc.

This new crop of terrorists, these Lone Wolves who don’t have an organized cell, don’t really have to take “order” from a “high command” some place…

…all they need to do is go to their local sporting goods/hunting store, purchase a firearm, walk into a mall, their workplace, a park, etc…a start shooting.

And the more that happens, the more that the public falls into a “Fear” reaction that cuts across religious, political, and philosophical spectrums.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. I’m an Empiricist at heart.

Search the comments on this very board.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I’m skeptical about the whole “lone wolf” theory. It’s used too often, it seems – and only as a means to pacify the public: "oh, don’t worry about it; they’re just ‘lone wolves’. There are such things as ‘sleeper cells’, you know…

And the more that happens, the more that the public falls into a “Fear” reaction that cuts across religious, political, and philosophical spectrums.

If there’s a danger to the public out there – regardless how they’re organized (sleeper cell, active organized cell, centralized guerrilla unit, national army – then the ‘fear’ reaction to the violence isn’t an inappropriate one, wouldn’t you say?

Thank you!

This is one of the more hopeful events that occurred today in Redlands, Ca… a Walk to promote unity against violence…

i agree!

the media really has not focused a lot of coverage on the dead and injured. it seems the perpetrators of the attacks get the most attention while the dead are buried and forgotten and the injured are left to work through the trauma and put there life back together. these events have happened so frequently that I feel we are almost becoming numb to the victims unless you live in the community itself.

Oh i do agree. Fear is appropriate. Hysteria is not…

The Backlash is upon us.

And in doing so, we’re playing right into the hands of ISIS…

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