Ever done anything embarassing in front of MIL or FIL?


I was wondering what your embarassing stories are of things you have done to embarass yourselves in front of your mother or father in laws?

I don’t know mine very well because they live over 3000 KMs away, but I was sending an e-mail to my hubby… I usually send him two or three a day… short but sweet. Sometimes jokes just to cheer him up at work.

This is really embarassing and you are going to think I am an IDIOT and very immature… but I tooted in my office and I thought I would send DH an e-mail stating nothing more than " I stink".

Anyways, it went to my MIL by accident (because they have the same last name obviously and I hit the wrong name in the address book). :blush: :blush: :blush:

I tried to recall it but that doesn’t work ever! It just calls more attention to it! I hope she doesn’t ask me what that was all about?? Argh!!!

Now tell me your stories and make me feel better!



My brother did something to embarrass his future wife in front of my mother. He used my mother’s email to send a note to a friend about his relationship, mentioning how wonderful the ahem, intimacy, was. (They were not MARRIED, had only been dating for a brief period of time, and my brother was raised better than that!) My brother had his buddy’s email address wrong, so the email fired back at my mother every month for a year with an “incorrect email address” message.

My mother didn’t say a word.

My brother called her a year later to announce his engagement and my mother let him know what had happened, shared her disappointment with his decisions, reminded him that she had taught him right from wrong, encouraged him to go to confession, and said he could do better than a woman who would engage in relations before marriage. .

To her credit, my mother has never shared this story with another soul to the best of my knowledge. My brother called to tell me what had happened.


Ouch!!! That is embarassing for your brother! Your poor mother!


Worse than in front of my MIL… it was at the wedding reception.

I’ve go two left feet. Well maybe two right feet. I get left and right confused…:blush:

Anyway, after dancing with my bride to a nice waltz where at one point the crowd felt compelled to chant “1 - 2 - 3, 1 - 2 - 3” it was my turn with the MIL… I started to lead and after a couple of missteps… she kicked off her shoes, put one foot on each of mine and said " There. Go where ever you want."


The worst thing happened the summer we were engaged, before MIL warmed to me. She usually dresses very classic/preppy. In the stores, I’d been seeing very Indian looking, drapey PJ pants and tunics. MIL usually goes upstairs to change from her work clothes before joining us for dinner. I’d had a glass of wine. She comes in wearing colorful, drapey, Indian pants and tunic, and I exclaim, “I LOVE your pajamas!” I really did love them. But they were her work clothes, and she never tried that style again :o

FIL incident didn’t make me feel nearly as mortified, but they still tease me about it - when asked if I wanted more dinner, I proudly announced, “Ik ben vol” - I am full. Only in the local dialect, it means “I am pregnant”. Now I don’t try any Dutch without running it by DH first.


hahaha good ones!


I don’t have any embarassing moments where I was the one who comitted a faux pas so to speak… but my MIL gave me and dh matching boxers and a sex guide book for our first Christmas together when we had been dating only 7-8 mos. We weren’t even engaged!!! This was her subtle hint that she wanted more grandchildren I guess. Anyway, I was so mortified when she gave us our presents that I was speechless. We were both committed to having a chaste relationship (and did for the 6 yrs 4 mos we dated before marriage). The worst part was that she did all this in front of my children who were 13, 10, and 8 at the time!!! The oldest one looked as mortified as I felt.

I ended up leaving the book at her house and gave dh both pairs of silk boxers… they were both in his size anyway (he wears a Mens large and I wear a womens medium so they would have fallen off me anyway) Now that I think about it, that may have been the point! MIL was totally offended that we left the book at their house and refused to ever treat me with familiarity again. We have now been married 2 1/2 yrs and she still treats me like a complete stranger!

Sina… I thought the “I stink” story was cute… in fact I have said things like that to dh in person and over the phone… no biggie!


First time my now husband, then boyfriend, visited my parent’s home, things ran late and Mom and Dad invited him to spend the night in the guestroom – WAY down the hall from my room, which was next to my parents’ bedroom. Anyway, they went to bed, we retired about 1/2 hour later. When we got to the upstairs hall, we saw that a cute little green frog, with a HUGE voice was hopping down the hall. We went into chase mode as the little guy did his best to escape. We finally caught him, put him outside and retired to our own rooms. The next morning, my Mom took me aside and told me that she recognized that I was over thirty, and what I did on my own was none of her business, but please keep it out of her house :blush: Anyway, I explained about chasing the frog and that NOTHING else happened. We still have a good laugh about it even twenty years later.


Loving the stories.

I just e-mail MIL a real e-mail giving her an update on our lives and explained that the email was meant as an inside joke to DH. She said she read the e-mail and laughed and figured as much. Phew. But now she knows I am stinky! heeeee.


This is not my story to tell but it happened to my husband with my mom…my poor hubby. Okay, WARNING: the story is borderline graphic. My mom came over early one morning, I was up and my hubsnad was still in bed…we had been married only about 4 months at this point. My husband came right out of the bedroom and into the living room half asleep completely naked!! He stood there for a second in shock as me and my mother’s eyes both popped out of our heads. The worst part about it was that my husband is in the Nat’l Guard and was leaving the next day to go out in the field for 2 weeks…no shower, just baby wipes to clean up. Well, in order to stay more “fresh” he had just shaved his bits and pieces…bald as a baby.:eek: Nobody was aloud to speak of the event for a long time, now he can finally laugh about it!



Especially the shaving part!!! aahahaha


:smiley: :blush: aw, that’s a funny story–I’m glad you guys can laugh about it now.:slight_smile:


Nothing I can recall. I haven’t seen or spoke to them in years.


depends on who is telling the store, according to FIL (mhrip) most of what I have ever done is an embarrasment to the family.


This is between my DH and my dad (so his FIL), but it’s the best story in the world!

We got engaged on Dec 22… and so Christmas was around the corner. DH had a habit of buying liquor gift boxes for a lot of his friends and family (you know, the kind that have glasses or a towel or some “gift” inside the box with the liquor).

So, DH got adventurous and decided to get his future-FIL a gift box of Goldschlager
He didn’t really pay attention to the gift inside… he assumed it was a towel or a cotton bag for the bottle… (he’s clueless)…

So it’s Dec 24th… (2 days after our engagement)… and my dad is opening the gift. As he pulls off the paper, DH finally get a look at the box and it has all these SEXUAL symbols all over the box (male and female symbols, etc)…
He was mortified and was trying to pull the box away as my dad examined the bottle…

But before he could pull it away someone asked what the gift was inside…

So my dad reached in and pulled out the gift…

Which said “FIND YOUR G-SPOT” on them!:eek: (no, I’m not kidding).

(Get it… G-spot for Goldschlager??? :rolleyes:)

Yeah… that’s a gift that he’s NEVER lived down…
Poor, poor, DH… :rotfl:


Well, my husband was very embarassed but it wasn’t his fault it was my mom’s. We were living in Germany and my mom was visiting for the birth of our first baby. I was due any day and totally huge. My husband was out in the field and had come in after she went to bed. We were in the middle of being intimate when my mom just walks in our room already talking about something. DH was soooo embarassed (and pretty annoyed) but mom never said a word. I think it’s kind of funny now, but my husband still can’t believe she didn’t knock first.




Hahahahahaha!! I am laughing so hard right now!


Well, I did melt my MIL entire tupperware collection…

When we were dating, I was preheating the oven for frozen pizza, unaware that my future MIL stored her tupperware in one of the double ovens. :eek:



Me and DH lived about 2500 mi from both our families (we were both in the military) – my future ILs were visiting; a few weeks before, we had been in a wedding; the dresses were tighter than I’d prefer, but it wasn’t my choice; my then-boyfriend let me know my underwear lines were pretty serious…so I ran out to my car and tossed them under the passenger seat…yep, a few weeks later…his mom was sitting in the back of my car, leaned forward and said “here, you lost something” – I could have DIED!!! Esp since I knew none of them believed we weren’t sleeping together…(don’t ask…it’s been an uphill battle). Anyway, she was a very good sport about it – which has turned out to be good, b/c in the past few years (we see them a lot more since the kids came along) I’ve seen WAAAAY more of my ILs than any DIL should have to…from things peeking out of where they shouldn’t (guys, pajama pants aren’t always a good idea) to that “quick dash from the shower to the guest room” that wasn’t quick enough…I ought to charge them for my therapy sessions…LOL!!!

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