Ever Fall Asleep When Praying? So does Pope Francis!

Do you fall asleep when you’re praying? Does it upset you?

It might interest you that the Holy Father sometimes falls asleep when he prays:

“Sometimes when I pray I fall asleep” he said. He then referred to St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus who said that God the Father liked it when someone fell asleep in prayer.


I like the St. Therese quote. :pray:

The older I get, the easier it is to fall asleep during prayer, especially at night and esp. when praying the rosary. It’s not that I don’t try to not sleep – I do, but it happens anyway. At first I took it in stride and thought it was a good thing to fall asleep with a prayer on my lips. Then I changed my mind and let it upset me and it’s hurt my prayer life.

Now, knowing that not only the Holy Father has the same “problem” but that a great saint like St. Therese said God likes it when someone falls asleep in prayer, I’m going to relax and take it in stride again.

Anyone else have this problem?

God Bless!


maybe not in the same context. when i go to sleep, i focus my mind by reciting a small prayer over and over again as a relaxation technique and it frequently works where the last thing i remember is part of the prayer.

sometimes the prayers takes me into an immediate surreal state.


Although we don’t share age in common ( I’m seventeen haha ) I once fell asleep during a period of Euchariatic Adoration and woke up as Father and the altar server were processing in for Benediction… I think God woke me up in time.

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A while ago I prayed the St Joseph novena…it always ended up being at night and I kept falling asleep.
Instead of reading myself to sleep at the moment I’m saying more Rosary and fall asleep while doing so,very peaceful.

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It used to happen quite a bit until I started praying the rosary in segments during the day. The rosary is a very relaxing form of prayer.


Jesus was pleased you came to visit him and knew you needed sleep and took care of you.

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