Ever feel like the Devil is messing with you?


Sometimes I get this weird, cold feeling and I start to feel scared. Thoughts start running through my head that I normally don’t think. Is it possible that the devil is trying something with me??


[quote=migurl]Sometimes I get this weird, cold feeling and I start to feel scared. Thoughts start running through my head that I normally don’t think. Is it possible that the devil is trying something with me??

It could be a panic attack. (anxiety disorder)


If you’re ever scared make a sign of the cross and pray for protection by your gaurdian angel.

Scapulars are wonderful too!


Also ask your priest for some holy water to take home. Bless yourself with it when this happens to you.


Make the sign of the cross.
Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel.
Keep holy water and other sacramentals around.


I hear this story a lot… I’m the fourth of five kids and this happened when the first, my older sister Emily, was a baby. So I’m not an eyewitness or anything…

My parents were trying to pray but every time they picked up the rosary Emily starts screaming / crying / whatever babies do. So they’d go quiet her and try to pray again but they couldn’t; every time, Emily would cry. So finally my dad shouts “satan, in the name of Jesus, leave!” and Emily went to sleep promptly.

That story freaked me out the first time I heard it. Then, later, I thought about it… and the annoying little VeggieTales song got stuck in my head…
God is bigger than the boogey man.
He’s bigger than Godzilla and the monsters on TV.
Oh, God is bigger than the boogey man
and he’s watching out for you and me.*

Exceedingly annoying song, but it contains so much truth…


Wow, that is a pretty freaky story, but amazing as well.

I would think that I am just having an anxiety attack, but it feels darker than anything I’ve ever felt. Bad things, or dissapointing things will happen and I know the right, Catholic way to view them, but sometimes it’s like this big cloud of other thoughts hits me. I try to say my Prayers, like the Hail Mary, but I am still so scared while I say them. My heart will be literally pounding in my chest, and not to sound crazy or over-dramatic, but sometimes I think I’ve seen things, I tell myself they are dreams or my imagination playing tricks on me, but it’s weird.
I will get that Holy water though!


When did these things start happening to you?


I’m not sure exactly, probably the last couple years.

About 2.5 yrs ago I met a very devout Catholic who has taught me a lot about my faith, and sometimes it feels like someone or something wants me away from him. For example, there was a young man that I ran into who became “obsessed” if you will, he questioned everything, all my beliefs, even why I wanted to have a big family. Then he somehow figured out what my fears were and weakness and began playing on those, trying to get me to cheat on my boyfriend. He scared me, a lot and I found that the more time I spent with him or takling to him the worse I felt, the worse things got in the sense that i felt those things I mentioned before much more often and I felt much more afraid. That may seem a bit paranoid, but he tried so hard to make my bf, a man he didn’t even know, sound like a horrible person to be with just because he had religious expectations of me. I finally got away from him, but every once in a while those feelings, that lonliness comes back and it really freaks me out!
Thank you all for your help, I feel a little odd bringing it up, but I thought it better to ask people I don’t know instead of talking to people I do know,I can handle strangers thinking I am nuts but not my friends and family:)


Peace be with you!

I read part of a book that my uncle (who’s a priest) had about exorcism. I don’t recall the name of it or who wrote it, but it had a quote in it that really stuck out for me. The book was written by a priest who performs exorcisms and he said that there was a woman that he was speaking with once and she told him that she used to always be scared of the devil and his demons. Then she came to this realization: she is a devout servant and disciple of Jesus Christ, to whom the devil and demons are basically slaves. So she came to the conclusion that she shouldn’t be scared anymore.

I think the devil messes with me all the time. But when he does, I remind myself that Christ protects me and that Saint Michael and all the angels are guarding me.
There is also another good quote to think of. In the true story behind The Exorcist, there was a boy that was possessed. The exorcism took a long time (months) and at the end of it, a voice came out of the boy that the priests had never heard before. It was a deep, powerful voice and said, “Satan! Satan! This is Michael the Archangel! I command you, in the name of Dominus, to leave this boy!” At which point the boy sat up and said, "He’s gone."
Just ask God and St. Michael for protection…they’ll come through for you!


[quote=migurl]…it feels darker than anything I’ve ever felt…it’s like this big cloud of other thoughts hits me. I try to say my Prayers, like the Hail Mary, but I am still so scared while I say them. My heart will be literally pounding in my chest, and not to sound crazy or over-dramatic, but sometimes I think I’ve seen things, I tell myself they are dreams or my imagination playing tricks on me, but it’s weird.
I will get that Holy water though!

It was wise of you to distance yourself from your “friend.” If you ever feel that a person or something is leading you astray you are probably right. That feeling is God speaking to you, pushing you-to help Him, help you-stay safe, by getting yourself away from the evil influence.

Feeling scared and alone especially when you are praying when you expect to feel good must be disturbing. By all means pray, pray for protection and pray despite feeling scared while praying. Go to your church and pray in the presence of the body of Christ. Voice your defiance to the fear or evil knowing God is with you. Go to Confession and know you are in the Grace of God. Go to Mass and receive the body and blood of Christ. Receiving the sacraments are the most powerful gift we have from God. Speak of your fears with your Priest. God will guide you though this.
Be not afraid.


Someone once made the point that since prayer is so central and important to our lives as Christians, it would make sense that it would be a key and prime target of Satan. It’s a good point.

When I have trouble, I pray to God to free me from Satan and I then tell Satan to go away. Be strong and forceful and tell him to leave you be.

Also pray to St. Michael.


Prayer never hurts off course… but neither does common sense.

It’s fairly demonstrated that one of the best enablers to those who think they have a demonic manifestation of some kind is those around that beleive in it and try and prevent it. In other words, an audience.

So pray yes, like you would normally… but try and look at all the normal explanations also. Be careful of overly zealous advice. For 99.9 % of us, common sense and medical assistance perhaps will suffice.


Peace be with you!

I thought I’d post this just in case you don’t know the prayer. This is one of my favorites.

Saint Michael, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. (I always end with: St. Michael, protect us. St. Michael, pray for us.) Amen.

And remember–the Rosary is the scourge of the devil. Mary watches over her children!

In Christ,


Hmmmmmm…I’ve gone through some similar stuff some of you guys mentioned.

Is it true that the devil is constantly by your side 24,7,365 trying to get you to sin, despair, etc.?


I guess he might be, I dunno if he is all the time. He would be able to be if he wanted to.


Happens to me sometimes and I have a difficult time falling asleep. I have come to recognize it for what it is, and pray often while falling asleep. That always works for me, but I have the same problem night after night until I go to confession. Once I make a good confession then the attacks go away. As someone else mentioned, attending mass and receiving communion are huge.
They keep one in a state of grace and thus the temptations/attacks lose strength. Frequent visits to the confessional have the most dramatic affect for me. That is because while in a state of grace it is more difficult for the devil to tempt you. Afterall, what can he do to you if you are in a state of grace? Death would be an invite to heaven and he certainly doesn’t want that.


I am a revert who was an Atheist. So while submitting to all the churches teachings and believing in Fatima, Lourdes, the Shroud etc. I have retained a healthy sceptisism about personal spiritual experiences.

I also figure that the devil has so much help from the flesh and the world these days that he doesn’t have to get personally involved as much as he once did.

Shortly after re-verting I found that especially in church I was plagued by constant blasphemous thoughts. I just put this down to my own perverted will and just did what you are supposed to do, set your will against the thoughts, don’t fixate on them and try and occupy your mind with prayer or even even other thoughts. After a short while the thoughts disappeared.

Years later my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, and who returned to the church shortly before I did told me she had exactly the same experience. Two other things make it stand out from just the wanderings of my mind. As I write this some 14 years later I can still have a 100% visual recall of the circumstances, but none of the very graphic thoughts recur. At the time I had a strong feeling of despair.

The other occasion was when I was driving my car and thinking about a worthy project that I wanted to tackle. I immediatly felt a very clear sense of threat and menace and that both I and my family would be killed if I attempted to do this. Once again I had this strong feeling of despair and I can recall the circurcumstances with perfect clarity except without any of the emotion attached.

I am not a very spiritual person, in the mystic sense, yet I believe that these two occasion involved a diabolical influence



I think I know what you may be experiencing. At times when I feel I am closest to God, or feeling great spiritually, or when I am reading the Bible or praying, I feel this intense presence. I get scared, ugly horrible thoughts startr pouring into my head. These thoughts are horrible and I feel “panicky” because I know these are things I’d never do, but just the fact that they are there fill me with terror. This has happened to me several times in my life. Just recently it was happening more frequently. THe weird thing is that when I am preoccupied with other things on my mind that are not of God(not meditating on God) It goes away and I’m OK. I’m very confused, I feel like I’m being punished for trying to get closer to God.


I’m also a reverted atheist like Christopher, and since I allowed the Holy Spirit into my life the devil has been battling it out bigtime. I think Satan really values atheists because they’re usually very good at raising doubts in even some of our Lord’s most faithful by using such a “realist” approach. I sadly admit I was very persuasive. I felt pretty strongly about my beliefs (or should I say non-belief) and was very articulate in getting my point across. Now I feel compelled to become an apologist!

For that matter, he’s not letting me go without a fight. But like the advice of those posted above, prayer, especially to St. Michael, is very helpful.

I’m constantly being attacked with depression and anxiety and I know it’s the devil. You’re not alone, be strong!

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