Ever had this happen?


I wanted to ask if anyone ever had this happen. Have you ever been to confession to repent of a sin only to have the priest commit the same sin during your confession? This happened to me recently. I had to go to a different parish for confession as my pastor was out of town. I made an appointment with a neighboring priest for lack of other options. My confession consisted of confessing to losing my temper and speaking ill of a priest. Upon hearing this, he launched into a tirade about the priest and said he didn’t really know him but that he’s a difficult person and that no one likes him!:eek::eek: I was stunned and didn’t know how to handle it. For the record I never told him who the priest was. He asked me if I worked and I told him where I worked, so he made an assumption. I felt so bad about what I had done, only to have him do the same thing! It really caught me off guard. So I wanted to ask had anyone ever had a similar experience and how they handled it. I will never go back to him for confession, but I’m still bothered by it. Because of my job, I will most likely run into him soon in some capacity. I’m just left feeling uncomfortable. Advice welcome. Thanks!


Pray for him and pray about it. Priests are close to Jesus spiritually in a way that we can’t understand. If you pray He will listen. I am confident of this. Sorry to hear about your problem. :slight_smile: God bless.


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