Ever have a favor from St. Anthony?

I’ve had many. St. Anthony is the Saint for lost objects. Through the years many times different situations. Recently, I misplaced my checkbook and petitioned this great Saint for help in finding it. Almost as in a dream state I was drawn to my car parked in the driveway and for no apparent reason looked on the floor of the backseat…and there it was!

It was almost like a magnetic experience. There were some other occasions even more profound.

Over the years I assuredly call him “my friend.” Have you?:slight_smile:

Once I lost my brother and my second cousin in a rainstorm in the city. I had left them at a park while I went to a church. The church had confession, and afterwards I was there for a blessing with a relic of St. Anthony.

Well, none of us had cell phones, and because of the rain they were not where I told them to meet me. When I couldn’t find them, the blessing with the relic reminded me of St. Anthony. I prayed to him and found them a few minutes later in another building that I was forced to go into for refuge because the rain and lightening became very bad suddenly. It seemed totally by chance, there were hundreds of buildings they could have entered or I could have chosen from. But I know St. Anthony was praying for me.

Well, my first prayer to ask St. Anthony’s intercession is to help find a key for a friend of mine. :slight_smile:

…and my girlfriend pray to him to pray for me in finding a job - and I’ve got a great job.

This is a good thread. I have said many many times that I could literally not carry on my day without the help of St. Anthony, probably on the average of 4-5 times a week and sometimes more. Unless something is irretreavably lost, he helps me every single time. Sometimes I find things in the most unusual places:confused: He is truly AWESOME. He is also a huge help when it comes to lost things that are spiritual in nature and not necessariy material things, for instance; lost hope, lost love, lost way, lost dreams, lost temperance, etc., etc., etc. As far as male saints go, to me, he is “THE MAN”.:smiley:

St. Anthony is truly my buddy. He is always there for me because I am always losing something!

Most of the time when I am looking for something (and beginning to get frustrated) as soon as I ask St. Anthony for help, whatever I’m searching for shows up right away. It’s really weird! :cool:

I think he is getting annoyed with me because he has assigned an angel to look after my keys and cell phone, but I am sure he will still personally respond to the big stuff. He sure did a great job when our daughter was “lost”. Thanks, Tony.

What is truly profound is that all who have had help from this great Saint Anthony have a personal relationship with him and, unlike any other saint, in general, he is called," My friend," My buddy,’ This is unique.

What St. Anthony is revealing by his help, is that Heaven is closer to us than we imagine.

All the personnages of Heaven are as CLOSE TO US AS WE WANT THEM TO BE.

Remember Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you.” How much closer can that be?

Maybe that is what this great Saint Anthony is telling us. :slight_smile:

St Anthony is a gift from heaven in my house as well. As a single parent of 2 boys, I simply cannot keep my head on straight and find the kids shoes or TV remote everyday.

We implore the assistance of St Anthony weekly and the kids are realizing that is it easier to just ask St Anthony’s assistance directly than the normal procedure which goes like this…ask mom, ransack the house, THEN finally ask St Anthony.

That is probably the point…why are the Saints and God often times the very last resort? I am trying to instill in my children that we should be running to God and the Saints immediately.

I am struck by your reasoning…it is so human. Maybe, we have to make the effort ourselves before we enlist our friend, Anthony, his aid. Not to do so, would be a kind of “taking him for granted” . Maybe he has to feel our angst BEFORE he guides us. I can appreciate your humor though. St. Anthony is not beyond having a laugh or two.

He is very special and is a powerful saint against evil…keep that in mind.:slight_smile:

No I disagree. We always do the work through the search. I do not believe God wants us in a panic with lost items. He is a parent and no parent likes to see their children distressed. God has always told us to lean on him and hand your worries over. Why are we turning worries and requests over as a last resort? That seems untrusting on my part - that God and the Saints are only good if my human effort fails?

We do need to start relying on God and the Saints first - it’s not as if St Anthony always makes the search abundantly clear at the onset.

As one runs to their parents first for help, that is how we need to be with God and the Saints.

You should’ve hung your cell phone and keys around your neck. :smiley:

I have received countless favors through St. Anthony’s intercession. One of the most memorable happened many years ago. My mother-in-law suffered a stroke and collapsed when she was out walking one day. She was taken to the hospital as an emergency case. From the hospital she was sent to a nursing home. My husband and I, newly married, gave up our apartment and moved into his parents’ house to help his father who was in poor health. After my MIL had been in the nursing home for a while, I noticed that my father-in-law (who was from Italy and didn’t speak English so well) was searching through closets and drawers, looking for something. I told my husband about it, and he asked his father what he was looking for. It turned out that the nursing home had told him that they wanted to start my MIL on solid foods, and they needed her dentures, which were nowhere around. I said a prayer to St. Anthony, and immediately the thought came into my mind to look for the purse which my MIL had been carrying when she was taken to the hospital. When we got it from the closet where it had been put away, lo and behold, inside the purse was a container in which the emergency room personnel had placed the dentures.


I couldn’t begin to account for all the favors St Anthony has shown me over the last 63 years. He is always there, as if waiting for me to forget or loose something. In my harried mind I barely give him the time for a sincere request, and he is already answering it.
The one time he didn’t answer is when I lost a relic of St. Therese that I always had with me. I assume from that, that someone really needed it and it is in good hands.
All our friends in the Communion of Saints are always there to guide and love us. Some are just more popular than others. God is so good to us. He provides us with all these extras and formost is always with us in the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit. We are so blessed to be children of God.

Experiences with such as the great saint Anthony are so compelling we begin to realize they (the saints) are real people and not persons that are merely depictions on stained glass or holy cards or statues of plaster and resin. They are REAL and as CLOSE as you want them to be. Same goes for the angels…Now that is a topic for another thread.

We must not gloss over the power given to St. Anthony over demons and evil in general. He was so holy and pure that the Infant came to visit him in his monastery cell.:slight_smile:

We have a true “friend in need” in St. Anthony

Did you all know that he is also the patron saint of barren women?

Here is why I have such a deep love and devotion to St. Anthony:

Fourteen years ago, DH and I had been married almost six years and no baby… and how we wanted a baby so badly! We decided to make a pilgrimage to a shrine in northern New Mexico (the Santuario de Chimayo) to ask for this favor. My SIL thought we should go on the feast of St. Anne, the patron of mothers (July 26), but this was right after Easter and I didn’t want to wait that long. I’d had a devotion to St. Anthony since I was a child (never knowing that he was the patron of barren women) so we chose June 13 as the date of our pilgrimage. We started a 54-day rosary novena that concluded on June 12, made our visit to the shrine on the 13th and promised we’d add the name Anthony to our first child’s name. On March 15 of the following year (almost nine months to the day), our son, Paul Michael Anthony, was born…

… to his BIRTH MOTHER.

Yes, we adopted him at the age of 3 weeks and he is the biggest blessing we’ve received in our marriage, and that is why St. Anthony is one of my best friends in all the world!

And, yes, you’ll hear me telling him and his dad whenever they’ve misplaced anything…“Did you ask St. Anthony to help you find it?” And he’s the reason I can always find anything I need on my cluttered, messy desk with no trouble!

I have a reputation for being very efficient and well organized, and it is all thanks to St. Anthony, since any time I begin to look for anything, I always immediately enlist his aid.

I have never had any difficulty finding anything that I need, even if it is in the bottom of a drawer in a different room, because St. Anthony puts an image of where it is directly into my mind, and then I just go straight to the thing that I need. :slight_smile:

It’s really weird that you say that because that is exactly what I have come to realize this past week. I have been going through some serious difficulties and for the first time in my life I really realized how much the Angels and Saints in heaven are there for me.

And I’ve never heard anybody refer to St. Anthony as their friend or buddy, but that’s exactly how I’ve felt this past week…especially the other day when I was searching and searching for the lid to the water jug in my unorganized kitchen…and as soon as I asked St. Anthony for help, THERE IT WAS! Wow, that blew me away! :wink:

:slight_smile: These events are subtle summonings to God. These are ways particular to this great saint. Other saints move us in other ways just as special, only a little different.

There are books of the saints and underscore their areas of specialality. Somehow, I sense St. Anthony more of a constant companion …something like an angel. :slight_smile:

I am so grateful to St. Anthony for his intercession on my behalf. He comes through in the most amazing ways that I find myself constantly humbled. For some reason I never thought to request anything more of him than help finding lost objects. Thanks to the “saints” on this thread, I’m going to include St. Anthony in my prayer life more often.

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