Ever heard about this?

just a quick question, has anyone ever heard of mother teresa being disliked by the sspx? why am i asking? because i heard some time ago that they didn’t really approve of her. iam only wondering if that is true, or is there any truth to it?

I think it’s because she publicly stated some things that hinted at religious indifferentism.

could be, but i never heard any statements by her about religious indifferentism.

the last I heard it was her canonization (without a miracle) that was the focus of “dislike,” if you will, but nothing against her.

Is she canonized? I thought she was beatified. Maybe I’m not keeping up with things?

she is blessed, if you call that beatified.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta is declared “Blessed”; she is not yet canonized. And I’ve never heard anything bad said about her beliefs from the SSPX. Yet, I haven’t been pro-SSPX very long either. :smiley: At least Mother Teresa was supposedly anti-“Communion in the Hand”.

She’s just beatified.

There’s a lot of conflicting stuff out there trying to smear her. Some accuse her of religious indifferentism while others of coercing people into being Baptized. :shrug:

Without a miracle? There WAS a miraculous healing involved, IIRC.

She’s only Blessed?:o My bad. I haven’t followed up on her but some people at church were excited and saying she’s been canonized, then another person was upset because (he said) there was no miracle involved …maybe they mixed up the terms. Sorry for the confusion.

Interestingly enough, the SSPX has been strangely silent on Mother Teresa. The sedevacantists and Marian Horvat crowd are a little different story.

I did a little checking on Mother Theresa and that often quoted statement on Communion in the hand, and I did find the reference to it. I did a blog post on it a while back, with the link for reference. If you want to see it, you can find it here.

You may be interested in this article of mine. It is a post defending Communion on the Tongue against Communion in the Hand, and it promotes the end of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion along with the need to bring back altar rails.


does that have anything to do with the original post matt?

Yes, my article does cite information about Mother Teresa’s opinion on Communion in the Hand. It has a connection to the main topic of Blessed Mother Teresa.

ok, was only wondering because i didnt want it to get off topic.

I think when she said, "let a hindu be a hindu, a moslem be a moslem…"
That is why they won’t accept her, but I don’t have an authentice proof for thise though, I think I read it from an article or from the internet.

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

I know that some sedevacantists condemn Mother Tersa due to an incident where she prayer in front of a statue of Buddha(mostholyfamilymonastery.com/post_Vatican_II_Church_Photo_Gallery.html) , but i have never heard of the SSPX didliking her for this or any other reason

Some “traditionalist” groups do not admire Mother Theresa or her order because the order of religious nuns she created, wear the religious habits of hindu religious. She adopted the clothing worn by hindu religious to her order to better serve the Indian people.


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