Ever heard of a religious medal forTherese Neumann?


Therese Neumann was a stigmatist who lived in Konnersreuth, Bavaria, Germany. She died in the 1960’s and is in the process of becoming a Saint. I met her briefly in the early1950 when I was a teenager.

I would like to find a religious medal of her. Is it only after sainthood that medals are struck or would there be one available for her even now?

If anyone has information about or a source for a Therese Neumann medal, I would surely like to obtain one.



Perhaps you could go to a crafts store and pick up a blank medal or a locket and pit in your own picture. Just a drop of acrylic and it’s embedded virtually forever.


Miserissima, what an interesting and novel solution! I’ll see if I can fine such a medal. I know I can photoshop a pic into the right size… Thank you…:slight_smile:


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