Ever heard of the "Hebrew Israelites"?

Bizarre doctrines and mega anti-Catholic.

Do you have a site addy on this?



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Church Militant is correct in indicating that the doctrinal expressions of the Hebrew Israelites, more often described as Black Hebrew Israelites, are sometimes a tad unusual. They are not particularly enamored of Christianity in general, but I’ve never observed any particular focus on Catholicism, certainly nothing that would suggest a virulent anti-Catholicism.

There’s more than a single body using the name or a variant of it; a few are New Testament focused, but most are Old Testament oriented. (Note that this usage has nothing to do with the Falasha or Ethiopian Jews.) For some examples, see:

The Lawkeepers

Hebrew Israelites

Sh’ma Yisrael

New Covenant Hebrew Israelite

Preparing The Way Ministries

African Hebew Israelites of Jerusalem

Message to Africa

I would note that the “black apologetics” site that CM offers above is so focused on a few lawbreakers and some aberrant sects within the larger theological framework of the BHI concept that it is generally useless as an information resource.

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The so-called “Black Hebrews” have no relation whatsoever to traditional Judaism (be it the normative, which is orthodox, or the “Conservative”, “Reform” or other “movements”). They are neither recognized as, nor considered to be, Jews by ANY mainstream Jewish organization.

They have no connection whatsoever with the Ethiopian Jewish community, which has largely immigrated to Israel. See jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/ejtoc.html.

We certainly do NOT share the Black Hebrews’ virulent anti-Catholicism. (See tinyurl.com/6vwqj.)

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I certainly did not mean to in any way imply that these folks were connected to valid Judaism. (My dear friend Yaacov would have my head! :eek: ) Thank you for clarifying this oversight on my part. Yaacov is Hasidic and we have become close friends over the last year or so. He’s a good dude.

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My personal encounters w/this lot has been in the form of the usual A/C attacks. The books they have shown me have contained vehement allegations of the great apostasy theory. From there they pursue most of the usual stuff. :rolleyes:

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