Ever heard of the movie "Boxed"?

about an IRA group who gets certain priests to perform last rights until they pick a priest who refuses to help them :confused: or something like that.

The description says facts portrayed in the movie were never denied by the church…

ever seen it??

Here’s a little more about it…


I wouldnt put much stock in "never denied by the Church’. So what?

That “…never denied by the church…” is what raised my red flag.

I am trying to find out of this movie exists to blast Catholicism or if it really has a story to tell.

I could certainly rent it and see for myself, but I am trying to find out more about it first.

So what? Nonchalance is not in order here.

Those words (never denied by the Church) say that what the movie portrays is what the Church in Ireland probably knew. After watching the movie I’d say what I saw was probably the sort of thing that happened. So sick - so sad.
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So sick - so sad.

The Irish accent in some of characters is difficult to understand at times.
There is violence and vulgar language which pales in comparison to the evil intent portrayed by some of the characters.
The relationship between the two priests in the movie shows how good and evil are so very close and at battle at the gates of the Church.

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