Ever heard of this guy? Richard Bennett

Have any of you ever heard of Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest who abandoned Catholicism after becoming a Bible Christian?

His site is www.bereanbeacon.org

Yes, ive seen his stuff before…

He has such a warped, twisted view of the Faith… one of his videos on Penance was absolutely ridiculous.

A Heretic, good and propper…

Went there, checked out the “What Every Catholics Should Know” site and almost passed out from rolling my eyes so much.

Does Catholicism contradict the Bible, though, like he says?

His tape on the Anti-Christ makes it very clear that he is not playing with a full deck! I suspect that he is being used as well. What a shame.
May Jesus Christ have mercy on him.

Of course it doesn’t. Not one single solitary particle of it.

You have to remember that the Bible did not fall out of the sky fully formed, and that was it. The Church has always depended upon Tradition, the oral imparting of God’s Word from the Apostles, as well as Scripture. :slight_smile: And protestants of Mr. Bennett’s variety tend to think of the Bible as that unauthorized alteration King James’ team designed.

So, no, Catholicism does not contradict Scripture. If anything, it is the fully only Bible-believing Church.

A good place to find out more information on this would be the Non-Catholic Religions threads, as well as Spirituality in the Catholic Living section.

Strange, I must have some sort of anti heretic blocker on my computer. Every time I try to access his site my browser closes. What a laugh? Perhaps God doesn’t want me to dabble in evil stuff.


It’s a plug-in known as Michael v.7.3.1 for Explorer 5.0.1 and above. Also works in some versions of Nescape and Mozilla. Blocks heretics quicker than you can say, “Defend us in battle”. :wink:

Don’t worry mrs_abbott there is nothing in Catholicism that contradicts the Bible.

I used to attend an evangelical church and I try to talk to pastors and evangelicals everyday. I have never found one thing that contradicts the Bible from the many books I have been given and the many discussions I have been in.

Feel free to PM me if you have any doubts.

Every single time someone has tried to make a point it has always been not based on truth but on perception or misrepresentation.

The Catholic Church has no reason to contradict the Bible.

In Christ

There is nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING in Catholic teaching or practice that contradicts Scripture. If you think there is, or if someone says there is, then you/they need to learn WHAT Scripture actually says and what the Church acutally teaches. Shucks! I’m a full blown, boil-died Bible Christian: AND I’m CATHOLIC the way no non-Catholic can ever be!

Here is an analysis of the first thing I read when I click on the Mass and how he misrepresents Catholic belief.

Every Catholic knows that in the Mass, God changes the Bread into the Body and Blood of our Lord, when the Priest says the words of Jesus.
(that is the power of Jesus’s words)

----Lets see what the Berean Beacon says----

"the priest actually changes, by his own power, the wafer and wine presented on the altar into the physical body, blood, and divinity of Jesus Christ. "

This is what this site presents, misrepresenting Catholic belief to attack it. This is how it is always done.
Take a little bit of truth, twist it a little then attack it.

No honest person does this, yet liars do this all the time but feel like they are not lying by saying “it is kinda true”

Now if you are representing Christianity why do you have to misrepresent truth to do so? But I have never met an anti-catholic who is honest.

If you know of one feel free to PM me.

God Bless

Indeed. I got dizzy.

PS. His testimony is a real gem. Read it if you are slow to anger and need some entertainment.

Interesting thing that many people aren’t aware of:

The Catholic Church is the institution that put together the Bible, chose which books go in the Bible and which order, and what not to put in it.

I always find it awkward when someone asks if Catholicism meshes with the Bible. I mean, if you practically put it all together, wouldn’t that mean nonCatholics are actually practicing Catholicism by following the Bible (even if haphazardly due to personal interpretation).

I would say that he believes that Catholicism contradicts his interpretation of the Bible.

I doubt if he would consider himself an infallable interpreter of scripture.

The Catholic Church says that it is an infallable interpreter of scripture, and that Catholicism doesn’t contradict scripture.

I’d be curious to see his seminary transcripts. Was he really ordained a priest? Most seminaries offer classes that lay people can take and then consider themselves “alumni.” Many Evangelicals who claim to be “former Catholics” haven’t been to Mass since they were in kindergarten, and using classically-perjorative terms like “wafer” and “popery” doesn’t seem to fit with someone who has supposedly had several years of college and graduate education. Then again, if he went to a typical seminary in the 70’s or 80’s, who knows what kind of junk they were teaching.

No it does not, but to sola scriptura types and other Protestant groups it does in many areas…


They base that view on several things primarily although they vary from sect to sect. Most agree on the following as proving that Catholicism not only contradicts the Bible but is actually anti=-Christian

First and foremost the Pope. They will point out there is no scriptural reference to the Pope whatsoever and therefore, we are in error from square one.

Second the Mass itself. They will point out that when Jesus broke the bread at the last Supper he was merely speaking fuguratively, not literally as the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood would have been repugnant to Jews. It naturally follows that when the Priest consecrates the Host he is obviously in error. Further, they say that by re-presenting the sacrifice at Calvary Catholics completely deny the efficiency and completeness of the sacrifice. If it was sufficient in the first place why must the Priest re-present it?

Third Marian devotion They will point out that Mary was a minor figure, pretty brusquely and rudely treated by Jesus and in no way shape or form the Mother of God as she was a mortal woman.

**Fourth Priesthood itself ** they will point out that there is no evidence that Jesus passed any authority on to the Apostles but if he did somehow, there was no way they could pass it on to anyone else. So, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is worthless as no man can hear and forgive sins, only God.

**Fifth Baptism ** they will point out that there is absolutely no scriptural justification for even thinking that there is such a thing as Original Sin and therefore no reason to believe that Baptism could remove it. Baptism is just an initiation or welcome into the community in their eyes.

Sixth The Sacraments as a whole. They will point out there is absolutely no scriptural basis for the sacraments and therefore they are man made, Some Churches do admit that Baptism and the Eucharist can be considered sacramental in nature.

Seventh Purgatory They will point out there is no scriptural references to such a place or state, remember they don’t accept the Books of the Maccabees as being scriptural, and it firther denies the eficiency of the Sacrifice at Calvary. If we are saved, why must we pay a temporal debt for sins already forgiven?

Basically that is about it. There are others, the Saints etc, but the ones above are the biggies.

My dear Mrs Abbott,

Absolutely not.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my very good friends; John Martignoni. John runs The Bible Christian Society and has some of the finest Catholic apologetics Bible studies around available FREE either as MP3 downloads or on CDs from his apostolate.

In view of your question, I would strongly encourage you to listen to his talk, Apologetics for the Scripturally Challenged as a starting place and then perhaps his Two-minute Apologetics talk and then go from there. John is a really great guy and is a godsend in this era of rampant anti-Catholicsm.

Another excellent resource (also FREE) are the courses from The Catholic Home Study Service. Having completed them all I highly recommend them to you.
Pax tecum,

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