Ever Just Get Tired Of Debating Topics Here?

I don’t see myself leaving CA, but I’m just losing interest in debating/arguing the same topics over and over.

I suppose others get tired of it too, as some of the regulars are seldom seen posting here lately.

Is it like everything else, you just get tired or need a break ?

Two things

  1. Tired of the same people who will diagree with us on everything, just gets old so for all I care they can win the debate if it makes them feel better.
  2. People who don’t like to use the search button up on the top of the page. Not sure why, but the same topics always comes up, just use the search button!

Very interesting thread title. I could have written the OP myself. Anyway, it’s good to know it’s not just me. I guess misery likes company.

Just the ones that always start with, "I know the Church teaches against (choose one: birth control, premarital sex, remarriage without annulment, etc.) BUT…) :shrug: sigh

Everyone insists their case is different. It rarely is.

Sometimes one feeld the researched thread was not resolved properly and wants to give their argument a shot. It’s just debate, I do not know why people invest so much emotion…I know it’s hard not to, bu, oh well…:shrug:

I get fired up defending our mother, and our faith against attacks which are mostly from those who are simply ignorant of Catholicism. What spurs me on is the chance, however great or small, to inform others about the depth and beauty of our Catholic faith. In any event, we are posting for the lurkers, as many who arrive at CAF with both guns blazing have hearts that are not currently open to the truth.

It is all part of contending for the faith.

Perhaps the “Regular” members are too humble (good) to realize that their wisdom and knowledge is greatly appreciated by people like me who are new to the site, new to the traditional and magisterial facts and traditions, or even new to Catholicism. Please don’t get discouraged. Whenever I read a reply to a question, I look to see how long the person answering has been around. The participation of these “old-timers” is actually their answering to their Confirmation responsibility to evangelize the (facts of) the Faith. Their responses are balanced with charity and clarity, and they have great links to more in depth resources. I’ve never had an original thought in my life…even at times I thought I may be the only person who had a specific opinion, I’ve always found many others who agree with me. Thus, Regular Members, I know I am not alone in voicing an opinion held by many others when I say that your input is vital for the life of this site, especially with regard to the Truth you are able to share, and the direct and loving manner in which you share it.

Thank you and God bless you for your help.

This is the reason that you will be seeing me a lot less here. I seriously believe more and more trolls are showing up. It’s like we have to have every new member at gunpoint before they make their first post. I can’t stand it when people come here and make asinine ad hominem arguments and blatantly strawman the faith. They get their opinions of religion from 4chan and then, in an attempt to make themselves appear smarter, will blindly quote Richard Dawkins.

There are some users (names will not be mentioned) who keep asking the same questions because we aren’t giving them the answer they want. So they formulate outlandish and far-fetched claims and opinions that take more faith to believe than to simply do whatever Jesus tells them.

To OP:

I am relatively new as a catholic and member here, but yes…there are some topics i have lost interest in already. Especially at the moral section, but also the traditional mass contra NO masses.

But, it varies from day to day. The good thing is: that debates also gives you knowledge, tips and tricks. The arguing part is not so fun always though.

One have to learn by walking and in my new life, im just a kid learning to walk the steps.
I do however know what i like and what i put as 2nd, 3rd and so on priorities.

Thank you so much for this kind response. I get so overwhelmed at times and wonder if it is really any good for me to continue to be on this website anymore. And I am just at that point of wondering if I should give this up forever.

Here, Here! I don’t care about TLM vs Novus Ordo. It doesn’t matter! A MASS IS A MASS!

Indeed. I like both massforms. Admitting though that i has grown very fond of the Traditional Latin Mass and looking forward to attend a Silent Mass in near future.

But i enjoy as much a daily NO mass (weekdays) or a High mass or pontifical mass as well. Going to mass is such a good thing, a gift and always a very giving-loving experience. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your thoughts Marueen, it is greatly appreciated. I do not know why others are here, but for me…the Lord has called me here to do exactly what you just discribed. I am a convert of 6 years and have learned so much in that time. I especially enjoy the groups of those who are exploring the faith and truely want to learn the faith. There are times I see questions in the forums that I do not know the answers to and it promps me to do research to find the answer. I too do not have anything original and with all the resources out there, I can just lead people to the links on the website where they can find the answer.

May the Lord richly bless each person on CAF.

CAF is always helpful when I have a tough, idiosyncratic situation that requires faithful Catholics to help me make the decision.

When I take I break, it is usually because I find myself with a very short fuse, at which time it I know it is time for “vacation”

I am fairly new to the site. The thread I don’t like are the ones that nit-pick.

Like the one where the guy thinks that a priest should have to wear his collar 24/7.
Or the other guy who thinks that confession is only confession if it takes place in a confessional with a priest with a bible and his stole.

I do also get tired of the pornography questions as well. There was one asking if “reading” porn was okay as opposed to “watching” porn. Really??? Really??? Porn is Porn people

Very tired of it.

You certainly don’t need to leave CA just to have a break.
I view many threads and post on a few. I make sure that I stay involved in a number of ‘light-hearted’ threads for balance. (For instance, I’ll visit ‘Ignore This!’ before shutting off the computer, rather than going to bed after a fight.)

I believe it was either Jimmy Akin or Tim Staples that said when Catholic Answers was first founded, he was so sick of answering questions about Mary and the saints that he wanted to quit.

I’m not sure if this question has already been put forward in other earlier posts but I often thought about posting this very question myself. I’ve noticed over the past so many months that alot of the same arguments get debated ad nauseam i.e. the type of music to be played during mass, should the church be involved in the Green movement, socialism vs capitalism, should there be more reverence at Mass, and a few more topics that I can’t recall off the top of my head because I’m extremely tired right now (but want to respond in some fashion to this post). I have tried to look up alot of my questions through the search function and I’ve had about a 50-50 success rate in finding the topic I was looking for. I know this might sound a little crazy but for some of these topics that get repeated quite frequently, I would like the forum moderators to declare a winner in the debate (the winner being the side that is being the most faithful to the Churches’ teachings. I suggest this because some of the arguments on both sides of the topic are quite convincing. This way some of us who aren’t familiar with the Churches’ teachings may know which side of the topic we should fall under and support after we have read through the posting on the topic. And to the good part, the question or topic should be excommunicated from the forum (unless some extremely important piece of lost information has been found to possibly change the debate).
Another question I would like to put forth similar to the topic is - Has anybody’s view on a topic been changed by the arguments presented by the opposing view? It seems like alot of the hardcore believers are set in their ways especially in the topics I presented above (and those are the ones I would like to know whether they have changed their views).

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