Ever seen the movie, the Staircase?

it stars barbara hershey as mother magdalene. while the movie was okay, they did alot of embellishment on it. for instance, the carpenter who built the stairs has never been publicly named, and in the movie, he is named “joad”. i believe mother magdalene never made known his name at his request.

i wish they had kept the story to the original way it happened. i don’t know why hollywood always has to add their own take on it.

I may have watched bits and pieces of it, just to see what it was all about. As I live in Santa Fe, I’m a bit touchy about retelling the story that I grew up hearing all my life.

My mom, used to climb that staircase when she was a girl and in school there. The school closed sometime after I was born and It’s no longer a functioning Catholic chapel and is owned by the hotel.

i read that. i was disappointed that its privately owned:(

Never heard this story before - how lovely! It is indeed a shame that the chapel no longer operates.

It’s still used for weddings and an Apostolic Catholic church uses it for services, but it’s not the same. I’ve had a couple of Catholic friends get married there because they couldn’t get married in the church (divorce and remarriage sort of stuff) and it’s a very pretty setting for a wedding.I always thought I’d get married there but I probably won’t since it’s no longer officially “Catholic”.

IIRC, when the school closed the sisters couldn’t keep it up and I believe they offered it to the diocese but for whatever reason, it didn’t take it. I really don’t know why it’s it private hands. I know the land was sold and a hotel used on the spot of the old school.

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