Ever separated & close to divorce?, How was it saved?


Ever separated (how long) & close to divorce?, Both sides one that left or ones left during separation. How was it saved? Ever went as far as divorce then had a change of heart and married again civilly?
I’m a broken record but I really don’t want a divorce and I’m trying to figure out what I could do that might make a difference. I know I can’t do anything to change her free will and the thought has crossed my mind that it may not be Gods will for a greater purpose. It’s just hard for me to think it would be in Gods will for us not to save it or he wouldn’t have put us together in the first place. Thanks for any responses :slight_smile:


been close, some you cant save though and some like mine you can. It involves change and a lot of prayer. Go get council from someone even if you cant save the marriage, thats the only advise i can give. The church saved me and my marriage. I’ll pray for you.


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