Ever stationed / lived in San Antonio, TX.?


We are an Air Force Family and there is a good chance we will be moving to the San Antonio TX area. Have any other military families been stationed there? My biggest question is “what is the base housing like?” Did you enjoy your time there? We will find out within a few weeks whether we will move to San Antonio. I think it will be a nice change and experience. I’ve never lived in TX before. I have been to the Dallas/FT Worth area, and also drove through on my way to OK. I have always heard great things about how interesting San Antonio is. My husband has spend time there over the years.

For anyone who lives there, what is the best hospital that you could recommend?


I won’t be much help because we were never stationed in SA, but I did live there during my college years. I loved SA, if I could choose, that is where I would like to settle down.

I believe there are four bases in the surrounding areas, so there should be tons of military families around. I have only been to one of the bases and it did not seem all the big, but like I said, I am not a good source for the military aspect of SA.

However if you had any questions about the weather, culture, or family fun, I might could help you out.

Let me know if you have any specific non-military questions about living in San Antonio.

RyanL’s Wife

ps sorry I can’t help you out on the hospitals either.


I was born in Victoria, TX, and my grandparents (grandfather is ret. USAF) lived in Universal City for a long time. Almost my entire family now lives in the Houston area.

San Antonio is AWESOME! I was just there, the riverfront is great, the museum is great, all around just a nice place. It is rated very highly.

Make absolutely sure you go to SCHLITTERBAHN! It is the best water park in the whole world.

My other grandfather just died at Methodist hospital in SA (part of why I was there) :frowning: . He and my grandmother were pretty pleased with the care he got there, though.


This isn’t an exaggeration either… It is actually rated the number one waterpark in the WORLD!!! (according to the discovery/travel channel) :smiley:

We went every summer when I was little. It’s the best!

RyanL’s Wife


My dear sweet baby sister (she’d be perfect if they were only Catholic :slight_smile: ), her 4 daughters and great husband are stationed at San Antonio! I know they chose to buy a house instead of living on-base…
I’ll PM you with her email address.


We were stationed there and are planning to go back. We are Army, so I can’t help you on the AF housing issue. We absolutely LOVE SA. We bought our house in the NE side of town near Randolph AFB. We have a good sized house at a great price in a wonderful neighborhood. You may want to check out buying just because it’s cheaper than renting, you get a lot of house for the money and it’s really easy to sell or rent out when you leave because of all the military. Although there is a lot of military there, it does not have the feel of a “military town”. It’s a great place and I think you’ll love it. We are planning to attend an indult TLM when we get back, but there are several Catholic churches and missions all over SA. Let me know what happens!


I love San Antonio!!! The only thing I do not like about it is the heat in the summer, otherwise I would move there.

Would you go to Lackland or Randolph? The reason I ask: South San Antonio is different from North East San Antonio (including the small towns/ suburbs such as Selma, Converse, etc.) in culture, housing and shopping. Everybody’s friendly, don’t get me wrong, but there are a few differences. There is SO much to do it isn’t even funny. Both South and North East SA have reasonably priced Catholic schools, unlike the North Side and Medical Center areas.

Sadly, all I know about base housing is a short stay at Lackland. I was Navy.


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