Every Catholic should attend a Tent Revival meeting once in their life.


No really. And answer the alter call. Oh yeah, I’m serious.

They may not have 100% of our teachings, but we can sure use some of their FIRE! You will be amazed, I promise, about how they are in absolute, unadulterated LOVE with our Lord.

Don’t forget to answer the alter call. Be true to yourself and renew your commitment to Jesus. I have to warn you, though…you will cry. Be ready.

Ok, I’m ready for my public execution now :smiley:



Every protastant should attend Mass once in thier life

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Most of us Tiber Swim Team members have been there, done that.

But I have no problem with the idea that a little more zeal would be a good thing.

OTOH, Catholicism is a marathon…not a sprint down the aisle to say the sinner’s prayer…


Thank you for that.

I just got done attending the last night of revival at my church. It was awesome. The last night there were five young people under the age of eighteen saved and another fifteen adults who re-dedicated themselves to the Lord.


LOL, :smiley: First thought that came to my mind was “what for?” I agree with dosdog, they should attend Mass. I have been to Protestant church’s that friends invited me too. Of course when these same friends got invited to Mass they backed down at the very last minute. NO, it was not because something more important came up. They just simply decided they did not want to go. :shrug: They have no problem invited me to their church but when I return the favor by inviting them to come to Mass, they can’t bring themselves to actually go. :frowning: Thank God, not all Protestants are like that! :thumbsup:


As a formal Evangelical, I have been there. Unlike some Catholics, however, I agree that Catholicism could use more zest. Some contemporary praise and worship music, perhaps even seperate from the Mass for those who think God wants us to keep quiet. I mean, I believe in showing the proper respect for God at Mass, but doesn’t the Bible (Psalms especially) often promote the uninhibited worship and praise of God with instruments, dancing, and other joyful noises? Also, Catholics seem to tend (and I don’t know many outside my small parish, btw, so don’t think I’m mass-judging) to take offense at any who openly express praise in any form other than a genuflection and SOTC. As a formal evangelical, I sometimes feel led to lift my hands in worship and loudly say, “Yes, Lord!”, although even at my old church I rarely felt the need to do it much in relation to the other people, who seemed alot of times to just be playing the part.

Anyways, I do love the solemnity and worshipful atmosphere of Mass, but would like there to be a post-mass praise event afterward. I believe God loves when we party down for sheer joy at His love for us!


Yup. Didn’t David get reprmande by his wife for dancing naked in front of the Ark?:eek:


Yep. And he severely chastised her!


Did I hit you?

This sounds like the sort of event that Catholics should avoid like the plague. We have our own fire. And we can get it without exposing ourselves to people who secretly want to reverse evangelise us!


I gotta say… I agree with you! But only if they feel the pull of the Holy Spirit. It is AMAZING to see someone so moved that they block out the rest of the world to go meet God down front. There is no ‘magic’ but really it is basically an AH-HA! moment. The recognition that you NEED Him. When you reach the front there is someone to talk to and help you pray if you are not used to this. But mostly they are there to support the fact that you have humbled yourself to God and recognize the need for Him in your life. It doesn’t SAVE you… but it starts or refreshes the journey.


I am curious if you are already saved whats the rededication for?
Just wondering?


I’ve been to one. No thanks, I am a quiet and shy person by nature and all the hyperactivity gave me the heebiejeebies.



This implies Catholics do not have love for the Lord unless they express it in a certain manner. This is completely false and dangerous to assert.

I do not squawk like a chicken or fall down crying, but I assure you I don’t need to.

For those who prefer a charismatic worship style, it is already available within the Catholic Church. Spirituality is very personal-- and God has provided many methods for expressing our love for Him.

From the sublime adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to speaking in tongues at a Charismatic healing service-- it’s all there in the Catholic Church if you look for it. The problem is not that something is lacking in the Catholic Church but that you have overlooked the obvious.

One who feels the need to go to a Protestant “tent revival” to obtain this type of inspiration needs to do some serious re-evaluation of their spiritual life.

Having been to these silly things numerous times as a child/young adult before I was Catholic, I can assure you I would not cry for joy, but in saddness that these people lack the fullness of truth and a false theology leads them to the “altar call”.

I would never make an altar call myself-- seeing as how that would be professing belief in their theology… which I don’t.

Honestly, I hope you take a good look at the Catholic faith and then at these theatrical productions put on by non-catholic evangelists and see that you are trading the pearl of great price when you suggest going to something like this.


I do love you 1ke - you always say it so perfectly. :thumbsup:



Who needs a revival to “meet God” when we have the Real Presence in the Eucharist? :thumbsup:


When I was an Atheist, I attended a friends “Tent Revival” meeting for the entire week, and I analyzed the event from that perspective.

A few things I noticed:

Great music that really seemed to “move” the people,I even enjoyed it.

The first couple of days focused on the Hell Fire/Brim Stone with alot of dark images of Hell for un-saved sinners. Up-lifting music

A gradual softening of the Hell aspect and a more loving approach to the mercy and love of Jesus. Up-lifting music

Then the Grand Finale.,.The ALTAR CALL. Up-lifting music

I gotta tell ya, it was one wild and emotional ride that week. I personally don’t know if all Tent Revivals follow the same format, that was just the one I went to. I noticed the movement from Hell and Eternal Damnation to Salvation and how the preacher would move you alone that image path. The intensity was incredible to say the least.

I swam the Tiber in 2004 (Praise God He brought me home), but I sure can see the benefits of the “Tent Revival”. Salvation is Not a One time event, but the spiritual “upper” every now and then is not a bad thing either. Our Protestant brothers and sisters follow God with a zeal and love that is incredible and infectious, and maybe, just maybe we can “borrow”:rolleyes: their “Revival” and make it our own.

And did I mention that the music was FANTASTIC?:stuck_out_tongue:


Really? So you think they DON’T know God? Why are you so set in only meeting God in your own church. God is everywhere, and every place you meet him brings you new life. If you only see the world from out of your own living room window what can you teach others about it?

Having been to these silly things numerous times as a child/young adult before I was Catholic, I can assure you I would not cry for joy, but in saddness that these people lack the fullness of truth and a false theology leads them to the “altar call”.

I would never make an altar call myself-- seeing as how that would be professing belief in their theology… which I don’t.

Ok, so you fulfilled half of the request already, what are you complaining about? And you can’t know what moves people to greater faith and love of Jesus. A good number of those people will seek higher truths and find them in the Catholic Church. Do you dare to criticize the Lords grand plan for them?

Honestly, I hope you take a good look at the Catholic faith and then at these theatrical productions put on by non-catholic evangelists and see that you are trading the pearl of great price when you suggest going to something like this.

I’m a cradle Catholic, thank you very much. :wink: But I understand that we will never be one if we expect the whole world to conform to the CC view on things. Why can’t we have both? Surely they have something to teach us as well. We can teach them doctrine, they can open our minds to worship. Where is it written in the CCC that we can’t have a Catholic Tent Revival?


:extrahappy: :amen: :extrahappy:


I don’t think that any Christian should seek to have an emotional experience. If emotions hit, fine. But to go to an event seeking “fire” or excitement–well…? I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, we go to secular events, concerts, sporting competitions, etc. because they are exciting and emotional.

I guess I have a little bit of a hard time attributing the emotional high to the Holy Spirit.

I can get just as emotionally high at a synchronized skating competition. The right combinations of music, lights, graphics, and touching words will do it for me. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the Holy Spirit.

I think that the real test of the “fire” is whether it’s still there the next time you are asked to give to help the poor or spend some time with a sick person, or answer a co-worker’s nasty comment with kindness, etc.

As a parent, I always enjoyed the fun cards and surprise gifts that the kids gave me for my birthday,etc. But what I loved even more was when they obeyed me everyday in all the little things and showed me love and respect everyday with kind words and loving gestures.

Same thing in marriage. I enjoy the occasional second honeymoon trips and the glorious celebrations that occur a few times a year at holidays and other joyous occasions. But it’s the “everyday stuff” that makes a marriage good. For example, my sweet husband just called me to apologize for not bringing the laundry (with my clean underwear) up from the basement before leaving for work. I can’t do stairs yet, so I guess I’ll have to do without today, at least until he comes home from work! Everyday stuff, no big emotional high, but just a continuous sweet thread of communication and love.

I do believe in “altar” events–a once-for-all, do-or-die, this time I’m gonna mean it–commitment to Jesus that gets your life jump-started and on the right track again. (Kind of like a wedding.) But I agree with the Catholic Church that conversion is an ongoing, continuous process, not just a one-time event.


In our area, we are fortunate enough to have a large charasmatic Catholic population.

Outside of mass, they hold prayer meetings and worship time where they sing contemporary, uplifting music, and they dance:extrahappy: and clap :clapping: and sing :dancing: to their hearts content in praise and worship of our Lord. Prayer requests are heard and immediately prayed for. Many people speak in tongues as well.

There are many many such groups - as a Catholic in search of others who are also on fire for the Lord, seek out these charasmatic prayer groups.

The one that I have been to meets weekly! In addition, they hold monthly charsmatic prayer and worship services in area Catholic churches. And a few times a year, at our church they actually have a charasmatic mass where all the music is contemporary worhip music and at the completion of mass, we all stay and continue singing with uplifted arms, praising God.

I have been to tent revivals and felt the Spirit moving among the people. I feel equally the great love of God, and the Spirit moving within the charasmatic prayer group - and I feel more blessed that I can participate without any uncomfortable moments when people of other faiths talk about things that Catholicism doesn’t teach. There are uncomfortable moments whenever I have attended Protestant events for it never fails that they preach something that goes against all that I believe and hold dear as the Truth.

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