Every mans battle


I want men’s opinion on "Every Mans Battle"
I am hoping to get this for my husband but want to know what other men think about it first. I was also wondering if this book has changed anyones life, and if so how. Thanks Guys!


ok are there any women out there who’s husbands have read this?


I have never heard of it…sorry.


a lot of readers on amazon said that it was good… but how would you be giving this to your husband? would he not be offended?


My husband has read it, and I’ve read the Every Woman’s Battle. We both thought they were great. I think my husband’s men’s group at our old parish read the book together, too. It’s pretty popular among Christian men & women–several friends have read both too.


No I dont think he would be offended. He has been struggling with impurity. How has it changed the lives of the people who did read it?


I got both every mans battle and every womans battle as well. My DH won’t read any of the books that was recommended to us by the therapist or ones I chose. He just “doesn’t have time to read”. So what I did was read the books and highlight some of the things that I thought pertained to me, him, and us and asked him to read a page or two, or a chapter and let me know what he thinks. I even wrote him a note on the book “every mans battle” telling him that if he cared about this marriage and our relationship he would read the 3 chapters that I paperclipped together because it really was some things I know he’s battled with and have hindered our progress.
He read them and was more equipped to deal with some things that he didn’t know how to handle before. So I guess it helped him.

These are not Catholic books but they are from the Christian perspective. I don’t recall reading anywhere in them anything that had to do with ABC or other things that were against Catholic teachings. If I did miss something then use your best judgement and just know what the Church teaches about sex and marriage. But overall I think the books are good in pointing out why the relationship between husband and wife is sacred and how to prevent it from being threatened as well as some advice on how to begin steps to fix it if it is already threatened by an outside influence.

These books were written by people who have gone through the battles that all of us deal with at one level or another in our marriages. They aren’t written by professionals who just use case studies to prove their points. The authors marriages often are the case study as well as other couples marriages too of course.

As a side note, there is a workbook that is a companion to every woman’s battle, called every single woman’s battle. This is a series, there is also every young mans battle and every young womans battle too. We sell them at my work (I work in a mainly protestant Christian bookstore).

God bless!


It didn’t really change our lives, since we don’t struggle with impurity or fidelity, but it was an interesting read and made both of us more aware of how carefully we must guard our hearts for each other.


My husband and I both read it. I think he found it helpful. It was disgusting to me. I refuse to think that men are as enslaved to their sex drive as this book makes them appear. I also didn’t like the attitude of “men have to have sex every 72 hours (I think it was) or they will die.” Ok not die, but the author does say that men need a sexual relief every 72 hours.


I have heard of that book discussed on a local Christian radio station…and it has received rave reviews…but what exactly is ‘every man’s battle?’ I mean…what is the crux of the book. (what’s every woman’s battle, for that matter?):o


If the book is as you say, that is very disturbing indeed. Frankly, I think the best manly advice is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s letter to his son Michael regarding marriage.



Scott, is there a published resource you could recommend for this particular letter?


LOL It’s not just your husband. There’s another book series about men/women called For Women Only and For Men Only. (I recommend both.) I bought For Men Only for my husband and it came with a little fold out “cheat sheet” in the front cover that summarized the book. My husband wouldn’t read the book, but he read the summary and parts I highlighted.

As the mother of sons, I bought Every Young Man’s Battle and read it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The “young man’s” book kept referring back to the original book–which I didn’t buy or read. I found it very frustrating to buy and read a book that doesn’t stand on it’s own. It seemed like it was more into the whole marketing/spin off of the author’s first book. Based on that book, I’m not impressed with this author.

Whatevergirl, the basic crux of the Every Man’s Battle books is that men struggle with lust.


Yep. It’s *The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien *edited by Humphrey Carpenter. It’s letter 43 dated 6-8 March 1941.



What is the premise of these other books you mentioned? Are they Christian books?


The author, Shaunti Felthahn, wrote the books For Women Only and For Men Only based on interviews and questionairres she conducted on Christian men and women. She compiled the data and comments to show women what goes on in the minds of average men and vice versa. Feldhahn is a Christian writing about and to other Christians, but I’d call them more “relationship” books than “Christian books” per se. Their premise is to help men and women understand each other better.

For instance, (somewhat related to this thread topic) For Women Only helps women realize that normal men/husbands commonly struggle with thoughts of lust, while For Men Only helps men realize that most women/wives want to the husbands to see them as a beautiful, desirable woman and lustful looks at other women usually undermines that. It covers other subjects too.

For Women Only
For Men Only [/FONT]http://www.amazon.com/Men-Only-Straightforward-Guide-Inner/dp/1590525728/sr=8-2/qid=1168878778/ref=pd_bbs_2/102-1092738-5100939?ie=UTF8&s=books




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