Everyday Evangelizing Ideas

***Here’s a list of ideas I came across which I though I’d share! Print them out and post 'em on your fridge!***:thumbsup:

Suggestions for sharing your faith with family and friends.

  1. Say, “I will pray for you” to a friend who has shared some personal concern or difficulty.

  2. Respond, “Thank God” when someone shares a success story with you.

  3. Make the sign of the cross as you pray before a meal in a restaurant.

  4. Display a religious article in your room.

  5. Invite someone who has been away from the Church for a while to attend Mass with you.

  6. Offer to help your neighbor even when it’s not convenient.

  7. Take time in your life for those who are suffering or in need. Remember, people are more important than tasks.

  8. When you see God working in your life, point it out to others. We are all enriched by the personal witness of others.

  9. Talk to friends about the good experiences you have had with the Church.

  10. Invite friends to social functions of your parish.

  11. Give money or food to a person in need. Remember that when you reach out to the poor, you are reaching out like Christ himself did.

  12. Witness your faith with your own family and friends by gently stating, “I believe…”

  13. Warmly greet others at Mass whom you do not know. Sometimes members of our community fall away from the Church because they feel alienated from others in the congregation.

  14. Tactfully change the direction of the conversation at home or school when things take an uncharitable or gossipy turn.

  15. Send a sympathy or get-well card to neighbors or friends assuring them of your prayers.

  16. Continue to comfort a grieving friend or neighbor well after a funeral. The process of dealing with a loss takes a long time. Offer to accompany the person who is grieving to social activities or make yourself available just to talk.

  17. Volunteer your time for visiting shut-ins, elderly, prisoners, etc. Share your favorite story in the Bible with them during your visit.

  18. Be generous with compliments, especially to those who appear to be down today.

  19. Share a smile and a personal greeting with a stranger. Try to see Christ in everyone you encounter each day.

  20. Share an unanswered prayer with a friend or family member. Remember to give thanks for what you have received.

  21. Tell someone about a good book or tape to help them grow in their faith.

  22. Wear a cross on a chain or other religious article. You might be surprised how many times this will start a conversation about your faith.

  23. Be an example to family and friends on how a believer acts and speaks.

  24. Forgive someone who has wronged you. Ask for forgiveness from someone you have wronged.

  25. Ask friends and family to pray for your special intentions.

  26. Move to the center of the church pews, theater seat, etc. which invites others to join you and provides an opportunity for conversation.

  27. Do not judge others. Do not speak unkindly of others. Always look for the good in others and point this out when they are being hostile.

  28. Serve your parish as a Eucharistic minister, lector, choir member, etc.

  29. Devote a specific amount of time to your daily prayer life. It is impossible to maintain a relationship with anyone without communication. Prayer should be viewed as a dialogue with God, not a monologue. Make sure you allow time for quiet reflection and listen with your heart to what the Lord tells you.

  30. Allow your faith to carry over into your work by insisting on fair prices, good products and fair treatment for customers and employees alike.

  31. Share your personal faith story of how God has worked in your life with a friend or family member.

  32. Work in a soup kitchen, a shelter for the homeless or some other charitable agency. Try to see Christ in everyone you encounter there.

  33. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. No matter what they look like, how they try your patience, or how they speak.

Here’s another one I like to do: blare Christian music when you drive. Play, for example, Matt Maher at a stoplight or at a gas station.

#34) Put a pro-life bumper sticker on your car—plant the seeds of inspiration everywhere you drive!:thumbsup:

#35: Don’t use those accursed “H-words” during ADVENT! Say “merry Christmas”!

:quote: #34) Put a pro-life bumper sticker on your car—plant the seeds of inspiration everywhere you drive! :quote:

#36) Take that a step further and put any Catholic/Christian bumper sticker or window decal on (I, for example, have a “keep Christ in Christmas” one)

#37) Take all those extra Rosaries, Miraculous Medals and Catholic religious pamphlets accumulating around the house and give them away!

When buying Christmas stamps at the post office, ask for the religious ones and say, “this is one way of keeping Christ in Christmas”. The postman smiled and agreed when I said that to him the other day. :slight_smile:

No matter how much you nurse a grudge, it won’t get better.


Great list! From personal experiences it’s been people who do these things rather than debate or get defensive who were the best witnesses to me. :slight_smile:

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