Everyone can benefit from psychoanalysis


Who me? I don’t need a shrink.
I’m tough. Im not gonna waste time blaming my parents for not putting enough sugar on my cornflakes.
Man up. Psychology of any kind is for wimps.
Freud was a fraud.
My unconscious is fine. just leave it alone thank you very much.
next you’ll be telling me I’m a slave to deep dark desires.
Catholics and Christians don’t need psychology. They got God. God will sort out your issues. Sin is the problem. that’s all you need to know. Minimise sin and worship God. Bingo! Heaven here I come!


We’re all here for YOU…


What is your question? Also psychological therapy is something that people benefit from. This opinion of yours weighs against millions of people who have benefited from any form of therapy regarding psychology. God has never said it is wrong for people to seek help with what they are struggling with and I’m sure he would try and send these people to professionals who can provide whatever is needed (perhaps that is how God works through people to sort out these issues) To say that people who struggle with say (for example) POCD don’t need a psychologist but need to pray harder is utterly false considering there is a wider picture and many things that entail with that specific problem.
(Though I do agree that prayer is beneficial and that minimizing sin and worshiping God is important to one’s spiritual health)

Lastly I would like to say that if you are struggling with something it is ok to seek help. God would not punish anyone for getting surgery and he would never punish anyone who is struggling with something psychological. His mercy can work through people and if people can offer a person to find a way (not against Catholic teaching) through a particular problem, then that is not going against God, it is loving thy neighbor.


I think he was trying to be satirical or funny. (something like that.)


Oh…well I still stand by my point :sweat_smile:


That’s actually kind of right.


OP, most psychologists take Freud as seriously as you do. I honestly don’t know why he hasn’t been tossed into the dustbin of history yet since he is really only famous for being spectacularly wrong.


I heard of some of his logic. Boy he needs help…


Honestly, a lot of psychologists are more cracked than their patients.


I recommend that you read The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck.


Everyone can benefit from psychiatrists (you said shrink, I assume you mean a psych) like everyone can benefit from cardiologists. We all have hearts. We all have brains. Not everyone who has a heart needs to see a cardiologist because their heart is healthy. Not everyone who has a brain needs a psychiatrist because their brain is healthy. Some need a cardiologist, others need a psychiatrist.

You may not need a “shrink”. That’s awesome and I hope you never do. I, and many others do because our brains don’t function as healthily as yours. We need medication and understanding on how the brain physically works to “right the ship” as it were, just as a cardiology patient may need a pacemaker and atenelol. The problem is not always sin - sometimes it’s a malfunctioning limbic system due to the shortage or overproduction of key neurotransmitters. Some people also have families that did a whole heck of a lot worse than not put enough sugar on their cornflakes.

Then, again, I’m not really sure if your OP is satirical or not…


Especially those charging $150.00 per hour to “analyze.”


Tell me your problems :thinking:


Most clinical psychologists admit that psychotherapy is not for everyone. They affirm that about one-third of patients improve, one-third stay the same, and one-third actually get worse. Further, among the several different types of psychotherapy, certainly psychoanalysis is not for everyone. There are a variety of cognitive therapies, humanistic therapy, pharmacotherapy, and combination therapies that might be better for many individuals.


And, everyone can benefit from prayer, and it doesn’t cost $150.00 per hour. :wink::wink:


OK GC, it is obvious to me that you have a serious problem of denial. You don’t seem ready to face your emotional pain from the past. I can help you with that. I can also help you with your alleged “conversations with God.” Now we in the scientific world need hard cold evidence. And I’m afraid to disappoint you but there is no God and your attempts at “prayer” are a waste of time. You might like to pass this on to all those other Christians. They are living in “lala” land and need to wake up and smell the incense before they die.


I am a Catholic and a priest. And I have seen a therapist for anxiety issues. Do you think I am a wimp? Do you think I just need to buck up and worship God instead? I’m not sure what you’re getting at by posting this. There’s nothing contrary to the faith in seeking care for mental health, any more than there is for physical health.

I find this fairly insensitive. Flagged.





thanks for the concern cardinal (cant help but think I’m talking to a real cardinal).
To be honest I would like to see a psychoanalyst. The cost is way too high. I’m not interested in CBT. I don’t think generic counselling helps much at all to be honest.
I feel narcissistic saying that I would like to explore my past, but actually if I do, I think I can understand others better and be able to help them too.


No decent psychotherapist of any school would say this to their patient. In fact, clinicians today are trained more than ever before to be sensitive to cultural (including religious) preferences. Now it may be the case that a particular patient has a deviant understanding of their religion which is interfering with their internal thoughts and emotions as well as their external relationships. That is a different situation.

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