Everyone ready for the MLB season?

I am an avid baseball fan and I can’t wait to kick off The Twins season.

Anyone else here into MLB action?


Go giants!


Listening to the Cubs opener right now. :smiley:

LOVE my Twins!! We just don’t have the pitching. Offense looks decent this year. Health would help.

My quick rundown:

Angels look great, with power to help starting pitching.

I’m watching Verlander smacking Boston around. Dang, he’s the best.

Uh, yes. I like the Yankees. Welcome back, Andy Petite!!

I’m listening to the Detroit-Boston opener on my iPad. I love technology. :smiley:

Go Tigers!

Too many 'Opening Day’s this year.


Promise you this:

[sign]I’m in!![/sign]

Phillies: getting older, injured. Enough starting pitching to win the East.

Cards: I still think they can take an un-great NL-Central.


I enjoy going to a game every once in a while, but I can’t get into watching it on TV. :o

Yes, I too am a diehard baseball fan. As far as professional sports go, it is my definite favorite. I can never wait for the season to start and I even watched the Cardinals and Marlins play last night even though I don’t particularly like either team.

I’m actually a Texas Rangers fan which is one reason I don’t like the Cardinals. HaHa But as someone else mentioned, I really don’t care for the multiple opening day system. I just think it is more traditional for every team to open on one specific day.

The dead sox are in…

say it with me…

[sign]Last place!![/sign]

I am sportin’ my Carl Pavano jersey today and tomorrow. I want to see him bury the Orioles tomorrow night!

I picked up tickets for 2 games in the Rangers series next weekend. I am really looking forward to watching The Twins Vs. Texas!

Brewers fan here!

No relief pitching as usual. Oh, well. They aren’t expected to win much. Wait until next year. :frowning:

I have to wait until tomorrow night at 9pm to watch my Royals, stupid West Coast games :frowning:

Dang, I see Halladay did his ususal thing today. Probably second best pitcher in the NL behind Kershaw and thrid best pitcher in MLB behind Kershaw and Verlander, in my opinion. It is fun to watch him pitch and this is coming from an SF fan.

LOL, already making that chant ProVobis :smiley: Don’t you guys usually wait at least a 1/3 of the way through the season before you start saying that?:stuck_out_tongue:

[insert reason why baseball is sinful here] :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s go red sox!!

For as much money as the Marlins spent this off season, they aren’t off to the kind of start that many were expecting.

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