Everyone sees your edits


So, I just realized that when you edit a post, it can be seen by everyone. I don’t understand why that would be. If you are editing a post, it is pretty much because you want to change something you said and perhaps something you don’t want to be seen still can be seen. Perhaps to avoid offending someone.

Shouldn’t you be the only one to see your editing?


I have had the same thought. And yet there are times when people will say something nasty to someone, and then edit it, thinking no one will be able to see it, or they wont get in trouble about it. But we can. So, its kind of a double edged sword.


I’m pretty sure some people say nasty things and then edit them on purpose hoping to avoid flags or punishment but still hoping you will see it.

My edits tend to be text edits where I correct spelling or grammar or want to add another paragraph because I just thought of something else. I try really hard to think before I type and if I am really upset I will mute the thread to help me forget about it.


I think that is me, too. I like to correct spelling and grammar. It’s kind of a stickler for me but sometimes I realize what I said may have not come out right and want to rephrase it.

I guess I didn’t think about people being nasty and then trying not to get into trouble.

I guess it makes sense.


Sometimes there were posters that would type something, just to be nasty and then edit it. And they would hit and run with multiple posts in a thread, editing to remove what they said after spitting it out. If it was really offensive, some people will quote it in their post as they respond to it. Even if they edit, it stays in the post that was responding.


I never realized this until now. I just tried it so odd! I wonder why that’s even an option?

Why would someone bother? Seriously, I barely have time to read all the posts in threads I’m interested in. Why would I waste my time to see if someone corrected grammar or changed words. Good grief, I can’t imagine.


Well, I have read some interesting edits. :smirk:


I didn’t realize it until I deleted something and before the 24 hours was up and it was completely gone, someone like it. I got a little confused and then figured it out.
Then I remembered that the other day I tried to edit something by adding the OP quote and for some reason it would not let me add the quote. I tried liked 10 times to edit my post. Well, if anyone clicked on that they would be wondering what was she doing?


How dare they.

That’s a pretty dark reading of people’s motives. I think it’s more likely that people self-censor because they realize they’ve crossed a line and the forum’s setup still punishes them anyway.


I’m not sure I understand.

How are edits seen?

If you edit something, the prior version is still visible somehow?


I think it is pretty kooky.


Yes it is. I will deliberately make an edit in this post. Just click on the red mark in the upper right corner to see what I’ve added, changed. I just learned this today. I can’t imagine who has time or interest to check it all, but what do I know?


I don’t have a red mark to click.:thinking:


I can see your post and ur edit. Hmmm.


I see. The original post is visible when you delete a post!!

I’ll try something else. Let’s see what happens in the next post.


post removed to check red mark. Changing the emoji to :gift:.


For this post I get no red mark.

How about you?


No but it looks like u may have to wait a minute or so to edit the post. The red mark just now appeared on my post


Aha!! The red mark!!!

Ok. If you change it quickly, no red mark. Time lapse then red mark.



Now I get that I’ve gotten likes for posts I pulled.

This is a bit embarrassing.

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