Everyone sees your edits


I was a little embarrassed too.


That is why it is always best to reread certain posts before hitting reply. :slightly_smiling_face:
it gives you time to delete something you would regret before its too late.


I recently made a mistake and pasted a shopping list I was texting to my husband. Lol. Thank goodness i deleted it immediately. :blush:


That is too funny! :bacon: :bread: :pizza: :banana: :poultry_leg: :corn: :carrot: :grapes:


As you have discovered, there are 2 “edit” types. For the first few minutes, you can correct things without the edit pencil showing up. For typos and mistakes. After that, if you edit your post the edit thingy shows up, and people can still see your edits, as you have noticed.

After some period of time (several hours or days)— it seems to change— you can no longer edit your posts. Also seems to vary a bit depending on which forum.


Maybe we should give @discobot a ring.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


oops, shoot


It’s called transparency.


You have to wait more than 5 minutes to edit. Then you’ll get the number and pencil.


This response is one reason I think the software was created for cellphones or gaming computers. In the olden days we did not talk to our computers or cell phones, but nowadays, that is the main way to access stuff.


I’ll just leave a brief thought. When I arrived on CAF I realized, even more, how hurt I was from suffering verbal aggression socially throughout my life. And that experience prompted me to overreact in my posting.

CAF did me a world of good in that sense. I’m more moderate and more patient, more easy going.

So, saying something nasty might not correspond to being nasty. And I actually notice that many folks who join CAF undergo a change over time for the better…


I wonder if this feature could be edited that we members don’t see the little pencil, but moderators can see it?


It doesn’t seem that’s always the case. :thinking:


It’s not


Edited after about 3 seconds


You see a little pencil for your own post? I don’t see one for yours.


I used the little pencil to make the edit.

And again with this one.

And another edit.


I mean the little red pencil in the corner. The one that shows you edited the post. Yours is visible to you? I don’t see it for your edited posts.



I’m now a bit confused. Don’t think that I’ve ever seen the top pencil on my own posts. Edit your post and I’ll see if I can see it.


I don’t see it for my edit.

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