Everyone wears a white hat

It doesn’t seem to matter what group you are speaking about, everyone wears a white hat. The extremist muslims that think America is the great Satan, the Christian that thinks burning heretics at the stake is just, Americans that think everyone should be given as much freedom as possible, and pretty much any group everywhere will put you to sleep describing why their hat is white.

It is very difficult to tell anyone that their hat is actually black. Even many criminals have figured out a way to claim the white hat. People don’t want to hear it. They’ll find a quote from some famous writer to throw at you, they’ll recite some history, or throw out some statistics to support their position. In the end though, it just seems like everyone is trying to be the good guy.

I was watching a documentary on genocide called Worse than War. Even those people who participate in them figure out a way to put on the white hat while they are hacking people to death with machetes. It is very strange. What is it called when people refuse to acknowledge they are the bad guy? Is this some sort of symptom of evil? What exactly is it that causes this specific sort of blindness? Is it pride?

Yes, I would say pride is at the root of this “white hat” phenomenon. People will often use any means of justifying their desires, be it greed or hatred or whatever, including cherry-picking their religious texts to “prove” they are right. We get so good at it, we often fool ourselves!

Every human being, in the history of the world, at some point in his life, has had a conscience.

This conscience reproves a person for doing evil, and causes the person to feel guilt after committing a crime.

There are three ways to solve the problem of remorse cause by the conscience: To do what is right, to convince your conscience that what is evil is really good, and to kill the conscience altogether.

The first is the simplest but the most difficult. The second is the easiest. The third can be the most difficult, but once accomplished a person can be kill a million people and not feel a twinge of guilt. That’s called a sociopath.

The reason everyone wears the “white hat” is because the second method, convincing the conscience that what is evil is really good, is the easiest route. A person can justify any action in the world if he spends enough time rationalizing it to himself.

It’s the defense mechanism of denial.

I like the term “White Hat Phenomenon”. Very good!

I think it is just “Passing-the-Buck”

I think most of these people have been deceived. It’s been happening ever since the serpent deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden.

When I was in the Navy I had to wear a white hat. This was back in the day when sailors didn’t wear the same uniforms as the rest of the services.:shrug:

President Harry Truman (1945-1953) had a sign on his desk–“The Buck Stops Here”:slight_smile:

You are correct, everyone seeks justification of themself and their choices. The Lord showed me some time ago that He is correct always, and I am incorrect and the only correct thing I can do is repent from me and what I think and agree to, with, and in Him. (Note that there is no disagreement with the Lord Jesus in the Kingdom of God or you are not in the Kingdom of God) Also the only thing justified in God’s creation is God’s Presence. And it is by His Presence that anything in His creation is justified. Hence Jesus being our justifier by His Presence with and in us via the Holy Spirit.

If you notice most seek scripture to justify their theology, but it is Jesus that has fulfilled God’s word to the flesh in the flesh. Therefore it is only Jesus that is not only the fulfillment that is satisfactory to the Father but is the only true interpretation that is satisfactory to the Father.

I could go on but I think I’ve said enough. It is the Lord’s view from His Throne that is the only view that counts.

I have noticed this as well, it seems to be the norm in todays world.

but really, all it boils down to, is people wanting to do whatever they want, with no fear of being charged with a crime, or threatened by someone else, in other words, they try to justify everything by saying it is their personal choice to do this or that and if they enjoy it, why should anyone get in my way or tell me I cant do this or that, in some cases, it has even gone as far as changing the laws!

I believe this will only get worse too, In modern times, sexual freedom seems to be popular and literally ANYTHING anyone likes, they feel it is their God given right to practice and enjoy it. This can really be seen in all the legal ground the gay community has gained in the last 10 yrs or so, eventually it will be considered hate speech to speak out against any kind of sexual act, they will say, it is their preference and what right does anyone else to tell them they cannot do it. Ive said it before and I truly believe this will eventually lead to every kind of sexual fetish being legalized and protected by law, specifically pedophilia, there seems to be alot of pedophiles in the world today, and they are slowly coming out, just like the gay community did, this tells me, in another 20-30 yrs, we will probably see this kind of thing being as protected as homosexual lifestyle. I often wonder where it will lead us, will it then be ok for people to marry animals, objects, etc? LOL Crazy freaking world!!

Its not just sexual preferences either, it does seem everyone is donning their ‘white hats’, criminals try to justify their acts, terrorists do the same thing too.

I cannot even speculate about where this type of thing will lead society.

Perhaps HEL-ena Montana in a handbaskit!:shrug:

Well western culture is returning to it’s Roman empire roots before the there was a Christian influence in the society. What you describe is the way it was in Rome. Hence western culture without Christ, with Christ, and now they are doing their do diligent best to be without Christ.

But the stand they take about “there is no god”, is futile because even if some one worships a god that is something other then the Living God. There is a god. So its going to be about a god you define and if you get on philosophy web sites, this is a favorite thing to do in their religious section. I see it even in many Christian forum sites also.

Truly, now its about survival in the Faith of Jesus Christ, as things continue to develope in Israel.

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