'Everyone will be Muslim because of our stupidity': Catholic leader says Europe will become an Islamic state because of the migrant crisis


He said: 'Giving money to migrants wandering around town is not only wrong, but morally harmful because we encourage their behaviour and they get used to that, not mentioning the fact that we already feed them.


Wise words. Common sense. Will anyone listen to his warnings?


My deepest respect to the Bishop Emeritus in question but I do regard this statement as greatly exaggerated and somewhat melodramatic: “Bishop Emeritus of Pompeii said: 'In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity”.

This is not the case. I understand that His Excellency is upbraiding Italians in his former diocese (he is retired) for lukewarmness of faith and is concerned about the rising Muslim population paired with weak church attendance but it is frankly demographically impossible for Italy or any other country in Europe - even Russia with its enormous Muslim minority - to become “Muslim” in ten years time.

To me - and I apologise in advance for saying this - but it strikes me as veering in the direction of scaremongering or at minimum melodrama.

It is not the approach to this topic favoured by the Holy See or His Holiness Pope Francis.

I mean absolutely no offence to His Excellency, the Bishop Emeritus in question. I just politely disagree with his assenment of the facts. Ten years - its simply impossible for that to happen in such a short timeframe.

Some control over levels of immigration and assessing what type of immigrants one welcomes into a host society - capacity, whether they will integrate etc. - are valid concerns but to me this is OTT.


No one who has visited southern Italy would consider this over the top. Italy is the porous border no one talks about. With Libya basically a rouge state the number of refugees coming into Sicily and southern Italy was about 177,000 in 2016. bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-38148110

The Pope gives great speeches, but he has taken no refugees into the Vatican state. The refugees he brought from Greece were dropped off in Rome. When there are tent cities in Vatican square with a few thousand refugees, maybe Italians will start listening to him a bit more. The Dalai Lama has taken a very caring approach to this problem which also shows compassion for the people being engulfed by this mass migration.


I find this kind of attitude very unchristian.

Jesus said to feed and help the stranger, i’'m not about to argue with him on that one. we can’t talk until we’ve lived in a war-torn country ourselves. how would we feel if everyone refused to help and tried to turn us away/


There will always be a Catholic Church-“State” until the end of time, even if it must go underground and exist in small enclaves. At least, so I believe. Peace.


Very true.

These people are refugees fleeing war and devastation, not even “immigrants” - as in people seeking economic opportunities abroad.

Italy has been left - through a lack of solidarity on the part of its European partners - to carry a particular heavy burden in this respect, however. For this reason the Italians have demanded “tough” treatment of Eastern European countries that refuse to accept refugees.

This problem would actually get worse for Italy if the Schengen system broke down. It needs the EU to take more of a role, not less.


Did the Archbishop actually say these things or is this the result of exaggeration and quotes out of context?

If he did say it then he’s wrong.


Unfortunately things will have to get worse before they get better. An aggressive, hostile alien culture is pouring into Europe like a tidal wave, and people are going to die because of it. Question is, how many before the majority wakes up and says “no more”.


:thumbsup: I agree.



To me, it does look like scaremongering.


It sounds like he’s being hyperbolic and not literal. In that case, what he’s saying is largely true.

Going down this road, Europe will be neither a secular entity nor a Christian entity within a few decades.


There shouldn’t be any need to apologize on your part for having a different opinion.

No, Europe will not be all Muslim in 10 years, but it is problematic to just hand people cash to feel better about ourselves.

The central issue is that we need to have an honest debate about immigration in the EU. People are not assimilating like they used to—in fact the recent arrivals are more culturally conservative (at best this is a mixed bag) and more radical than previous ones.

In order immigration to be fair to countries soverign rights and to migrants, it has to be controlled and people need to be registered with the host country. That’s all there is to it. It’s not racist or xenophobic either. Anyone who thinks so should look at Canada or Mexico.

In Canada, you’re not going there unless you prove you won’t be on the government doll. In Mexico, they get really cranky and will even deport tourists who don’t have their paperwork in order. The authorities will even sweep the streets for illegal immigrants and if they are found will deport them immediately.


People are already dying and other crimes are being committed against both migrants and the natives because some folks would rather be politically correct and virtue signal on Facebook instead of facing reality.

One aid worker was gang raped by 8 men and she was told by her friends to keep the rape silent because it could make the migrants look bad. Just think if a Muslim exchange student were gang-raped at a frat house in America by a bunch of white guys in MAGA hats. Think they’d tell her to keep it quiet?

Also, migrant girls have been so scared of sexual assault in these refugee camps that they wear street clothes at night. In fact, some of the Syrian refugees now want to return home because they aren’t getting the proper police protection they need and feel they are not much better off in Europe.

My guess is (and I have lived in Europe) is that there’s also sharia enclaves and FGM occurring.


Didn’t Roman Catholicism once have a special status in Italy like that of Malta until the late 1970s?

I would argue the anger in Europe and the rest of the West on the migrant crisis is beyond just economics. There is a cultural component to it. Multiculturalism advocates always make the claim country X is enriched by other cultures. For many, it’s interpreted as the home culture is defective. I think people including non-believing cultural Christians are just tired of hearing from some on the left and secularists denigrating the Christian heritage in Western countries but never criticizing Islam.


Sadly, he is correct. Muslims have a higher birthrate than Catholics do anymore which is very sad. Unfortunately, many Catholics practice contraception these days even though it is gravely sinful to do so. From what I understand, most Muslims do not practice contraception. The practice of contraception has lead to a dramatically decreased birthrate among many modern Catholics and since many modern Muslims don’t practice contraception, they have a higher birthrate and so it will only be a matter of time that the number of Muslims in Europe is larger than the number of Catholics. Even sadder is the fact that many Catholics in Europe are just barely nominally Catholic. Many Catholic Europeans don’t practice their faith except for on Christmas and Easter, if even then. Of course the same can be said about many American Catholics but we’re talking about Europe here.


So true.


This is why the New Evangelization is so very important. We must work harder than ever to restore the culture for Christ.


Given that Italy is currently 92% Christian and 1.9% Muslim, simple Mathematics shows that this prediction is not possible. Though as an Italian I can say that we have the same propensity as Americans to exaggerate our church attendance which is lower than many other places in Europe. Since the land borders into the EU were closed last year the number of refugees has fallen by 900%. So the sea routes will now be the ones that possible refugees will try and use. Of course as Vouthon rightly said, the EU plan to temporarily redistribute was rejected so Italy will now bear the brunt of this - in Greece the EU agreed a plan with Turkey. I expect 2017 will be the year when CAF wrings its hands about the yellow peril invading Italy, while Italians will continue to enjoy their food coffee and sunshine.



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