Everything by Lifehouse


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I thought I’d share this. I found the song quite uplifting. The Lyrics are lovely!(wouldn’t let children view the clip though!)



Lifehouse is a great band. I just bought their new CD. I love the song Broken, I can very much relate to it right now


I LOVE this skit. It gives me chills every time, even after seeing it 20 + times.

Thanks for posting this again.


I love lifehouse–!:slight_smile:


DITTO! :thumbsup: :smiley:


I thought it might have been posted before. I just loved it! I think I’ll buy their cd.


Just to let you know, Everything is a little older so it won’t be on their new cd. It is me and DF’s song, and we’ll be dancing to it at our wedding in a few months.



Glad work does block godtube.com like it blocks youtube.com


I love this too and have recommended it to many. I would let my ten year old watch it. Why not? She’s coming up on those very issues soon! In fact, I meant to show it to her but have not gotten around to it yet. It is very shocking, but that’s because it pulls no punches. It tells the truth. That is what our kids need so that they will have the resources to get through growing up in this culture. Overprotecting them does not help them.


I just found this skit online yesterday as well. It was very uplifting, especially since I feel as if I can relate to almost all of the “demons” in the skit. I spoke with one of our Young Adult Coordinators and they are thinking about putting this skit together for the Teen ACTS retreat over the summer.

I was moved… loved this album so much that I wore it out. It was on their first major label album “No Name Face”. You might remember the song “Hanging By A Moment”… it was on this same album.


I just meant little ones, like 5yo’s and such. My 13yo watched it and was so moved she was crying! It was good that it touched her so much.


We are doing this skit on a retreat this coming weekend! I hate skits but this one is amazing. I’ll be playing as death… now where can I get a hood like that this time of year in a week? lol


Wow! That was moving. I’ll fess up, I blubbered like a baby!

I sent it to my kids. What a wonderful, parable-like story.


I think I’m getting soft…I watched that and almost cried…I’m not like that at all. I might need to quit hanging out here…you’re all having a bad influence on me :wink:


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