Everything happens for a reason..? CNN says it's a Catholic belief

On CNN this morning, a commentator interviewing Catholics states multiple times that in the Catholic faith, nothing is coincidence and everything happens for a reason.

He said pope Francis’ visit occurs during Latino month, and Francis is Latino, and America is one continent, etc., etc., etc…

Is this just political spin from the left, or is it actual Catholic teaching that nothing is coincidence and e everything happens for a reason. :confused: the Catholics interviewed on TV just agreed to it. :shrug:

Seems to be a mangled version of Romans 8:28.

I feel like I shouldn’t even watch their Papal coverage from this point on because they’re portraying themselves as spokesmen for the faith and spreading twisted messages.

You shouldn’t. CNN’s “experts” look at the Church in political terms, which you simply cannot do. EWTN is covering the Papal visit as well, you should watch their coverage.

Padre Pio once said “there are no coincidences”.

All things work to good for those who love Him.

I would assume that things tend to work out poorly for those who don’t.

“Everything happens for a reason” is ambiguous and therefore misleading. God directly wills some things; He merely permits other things. We must believe that God’s Will is distinct from Himself, and is therefore perfectly good and lovable. Bottom line: nothing happens without God’s permission.

“Nothing has ever happened and nothing happens save by the plan of My divine Providence. In all things that I permit, in all things that I give you, in tribulations and in consolations, temporal or spiritual, I do nothing save for your good, so that you may be sanctified in Me and that My Truth be fulfilled in you.”
– God to St. Catherine of Siena

We must strive to be like the monk who said:

“Prosperity does not lift me up, nor adversity cast me down… God does all things, or permits all that happens, for his glory and for our greater good; thus I am always at peace, no matter what happens.” (Words related by St. Alphonsus)

“Whatever shall befall the just man, it shall not make him sad.” (Prov. 12:21)

I totally agree with you, I was thinking the same :slight_smile:

Yes, everything happens for a reason. The universe is purposeful. God’s creation has purpose. The philosophical term is teleology. Obviously when man acts he acts with some sort of purpose in mind. But even the inanimate objects have purpose because God created them with purpose.

The problem is in discerning what the purpose is. While everything does have a purpose we can read into events purposes that were not actually intended.

I wouldn’t want to learn my Catholic faith from CNN.

Truth is, none of the networks represent Catholicism fairly and accurately, including FOX.

Many of the more outrageous comments come from presumably Catholic commentators.

Life is random.

People exercise free will every day, and their exercise of free will could affect you. Drunk driver runs a light. Texter driving a car hits a bicyclist. You meet your future spouse in the grocery store. God did not will these things. They just happened.

Yes, Romans 8:28 is on my son’s gravestone. God didn’t will him to be born with a terrible birth defect. It just happened. But, if you let Him, God can transform us no matter what.
We know that all things work for good for those who love God,* who are called according to his purpose.*

What is good? That we achieve our salvation. Not that we are smart, rich, glamourous or anything else.

The Holocaust comes to mind. How can we say it happened for a “reason”, especially a reason willed by God’s approval?

I was thinking of 9/11.

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