Everything is a prayer

How do I get my 8th grade confirmation class to understand that everything we do is prayer? It doesn’t have to be a vocal or meditative prayer, but can be even we eat, drink, do service, etc?


Hmmm…A tough one…

Perhaps you can relate it to interpersonal relationships.
If a person says they like you - but then they do things that show they do not like you - are they really your friend?

Actions speak louder than words…

Jesus expressed this idea many times in the Gospels.
For instance he said that what goes into the body odes not make it unclean - but what comes out. (Mt 15:10-20)
He said that not all those who cry “Lord Lord” will be admitted to heaven, but only those who “Do the Will of the Father”. (Mt 7:21-29)
Then there is the whole judgement scene in Mt 25:31-46 - based, not on our formal prayers but on what we DO.

The commonality here is that Love and friendship is something internal and it is expressed in everything we say and do. If we say that we Love God and we know that He wants us to show that Love to our neighbor…Then everything we do is in response to that - and everything we do is to praise and glorify God - - - and thus is prayer.

Sorry if the above is a bit disjointed - - the thoughts just flowed out onto the page…


“Offer it up” is an old expression which was used in these parts.

Whether it is giving someone a helping hand, or visiting someone who is sick in hospital, offering those type of actions up is a form of worship, as it reciting or saying prayers an act of worship.

Perhaps a better understanding is: Everything we do CAN be prayer. What is our intention? Where are we focused? Ourselves or God? When the love of God is our focus, then everything we do is prayer.

Yes - we used that around here too…

The one thing I would mention on this is that it is important to understand what “offering it up” means - - It is a part of truly internalizing your love of God - making it something that you ARE - then showing that love to others.

That’s how I understand it.


Read Sirach 38, the whole chapter, from RSVCE. (Please note that other translations are not clear.) The first part of the chapter sets up the context and the last verse is the answer to your question. It is striking and powerful in its simplicity.

Reb Levi

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