Everything rests on the resurrection


our entire faith rests on the resurrection of Jesus. if He is alive, then everything He said, did, and taught is true. if He is still dead, then everything He said, did, and taught (aside from maybe some of His moral teachings) is false. paul seconds this when He says in 1corinthians 15:14:

 *"And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith."* 

my point is that all apologetics rests on the resurrection of Christ. it is the starting point. after that is established, we can move on to other things. i am mainly talking about when we are dealing with people who deny the divinity of Christ (muslims, jews, hindus, etc.). what do you all think?


Have you read Peter Kreeft’s Handbook of Christian Apologetics? Good book that goes through this argument and many other scenarios such as swoon theory, apostolic delusion or conspiracy and demonstrates their flaws.



yes i have scott. i love the swoon theory, if that is true then Jesus was a much stronger individual than any other person…ever.


The only person who I have had a personal chance to evangelize who did not have a Christian starting point was Jewish, and Christ being the Messiah was where I started. Mostly because you can’t use any of the NT.

Of course, she is still Jewish, so maybe the resurrection should have been my starting point.:hmmm: I was using some materials from Jews for Jesus so I just followed their lead. They use Scripture from Isaiah to prove that Christ was the Messiah.

I don’t really know since my effort was like scattering seeds on rocky ground.

Your sister in Christ,


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