Evidence about Padre Pio


Can anyone help me to find evidence given by the Church about the stigmata and other miracles associated with Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assissi, and other saints? I am being asked for evidence on another thread, and I honestly don’t know how to go about getting the evidence that I know exists. Thanks in advance.


Careful, Jesus N Cherie…I’ve been semi-active in that thread, and am pretty sure the skeptics therein won’t accept evidence given by the Church. Didn’t you hear? The Church isn’t credible. :confused: :rolleyes:

Does anyone have peer-reviewed studies/examinations/evidence?


Why should you run around to try and prove the authenticity of Padre Pios or St Francis of Assisis sanctity? Let those who doubt look for the evidence. No matter what you find it won’t be enough and you will have wasted time which could have been better spent learning about your Faith or evangelising those who are honest seekers.

You could advise these people to contact the curial office in Rome which looks after the causes of the saints and ask their questions there.


I agree. But the fact is, I have been debating with them. I told them I could come up with the evidence…because I know it exists. So I feel I should to do my honest best.

Thank you for the information


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