Evidence of Baptism and Confirmation

When I entered the Catholic Church, I was not able to get certificates of my Baptism and Confirmation. The church where I was baptized/confirmed somehow couldn’t find the information. However, I was old enough to remember the event and had witnesses. The Catholic priest asked me to get signatures of two witnesses, which I did. Then, I was able to enter the Catholic Church and I received a certificate saying that I received all my Sacraments of initiation. My baptism was valid because it was done in an Orthodox church.

What I was wondering is… if I ever enter a religious order, would it be enough to present to them the certificate I got when I became Catholic, or do I need particular dates of my Baptism and Confirmation too? I don’t know if that would ever be found. I can try again, but what if it doesn’t work?

In Canon Law it says “Can 645 §1 Before candidates are admitted to the novitiate, they must show proof of baptism, confirmation, and free status”

thank you!

The parish where you entered the Church will have established a sacramental record for you. If you needed proof of baptism or confirmation you would contact them.

Yes. I am a convert, and when I entered formation for the diaconate I had to provide my sacramental records. If you contact the parish where you were received into the Church, they should have a record of all of your sacraments including the ones before you entered the Church. Since the Church accepted your signed statement and witness to baptism and confirmation, those would be noted (in some way) in your sacramental records.

In general they would want a certified copy from that parish dated within something like 6 months. This is to show that you are not currently under profession, married, or, if you were a man, had received the sacrament of holy orders since the time of your reception into the Church. The specific dates of the sacraments is less important than the fact that they were done.

When I had to supply proof of baptism. the church concerned, in the UK was no longer working so I tried my confirmation church as they had had proof of baptism. They did not reply and someone then put me in touch with the main records office. But there was no record of me there…

All by email then finally the lady called me and said I had been given the office for CATHOLIC records, gave me the right one and there I was …

It gave me a worrying time at first

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