Evidence of Stalin and Hitler's possession by the devil

Father Gabriele Amorth believed that Stalin and Hitler were possessed by the devil. Although the media’s reporting of it made the public think Amorth was giving an excuse for their actions (heaven knows the Vatican is always getting accused of sympathising with the Nazis and other dictators), I believe Father Amorth. It isn’t so much that “the devil made them do it,” but rather that they made pacts with the devil that enabled them to unleash so much horror.

So my question is, what were the other signs that these men were possessed? Hitler practised the occult, we know that. But what other evidence is there? I’m unaware of Stalin practising the occult.

As far as I know, there are no reports of them having superhuman strength, knowledge of hidden things or speaking in languages they shouldn’t know.

How can you make pacts with the devil? What does that mean?
Its like saying they sold their souls to Satan which of course is impossible.


This whole nonsense is an invention of Hollywood. It is pure fiction.

Read the book The Rite by Matt Baglio. It’s very well researched and cites exorcists who detail what can happen when pacts are made with the devil.

Relevant to this discussion, he mentions Father Aldo Buonaiuto, who says some satanic cults “counts as members very wealthy and influential people who are said to sell their souls to the Devil for the promise of power and riches, which are then used to ensure a perpetual state of strife – war, famine, economic instability, and such.” That’s on page 56 of the paperback version.

Another type of pact with the devil details when a child, even one who isn’t yet born, is offered up to the devil by relatives. A sister in the book suffered possession because of it.

The book chronicles the work and training of Father Gary Thomas, the exorcist of San Jose. There’s a talk available on YouTube where he mentions a case of a girl who was possessed because her mother dedicated her to the devil.

So yes, it does happen.

I find it funny how two members here authoritatively scoff at this when I doubt either of them have read or researched much on the topic.

One should only have strong opinions when one actually knows about a topic, don’t you think?

The only Nazi ever excommunicated by the church of Rome, even after all the war crime tribunals was Joseph Goebbels. His crime? He married a Protestant,

First off, please don’t hijack this thread into a different discussion. If you would like to discuss that, please start a different thread.

Second, I’d also invite you to read up on it. Despite what the public thinks today, there’s evidence that the Pope and Hitler hated each other. I researched on this too when I was in college but I don’t remember the details offhand. Pius XII opened his own home to shelter Jews. Around 2007, an old nun died and they looked into her diary, and she wrote that back during the war, the Pope ordered them to hide Jews. Even Golda Meir praised the Pope for it.

The evidence there shows that the Church couldn’t act directly against Hitler because it would only make Hitler go after Catholics.

Now, if you wish to post more on it, please start another thread. This thread here specifically asks what evidence is known that Hitler and Stalin were possessed. Anything else can go into other discussions. Thanks.

One fact to add: Pope Pius XII attempted to do long-distance exorcisms on Hitler, but it looked like it didn’t work.

The book I mentioned, a The Rite, says that exorcisms can be done through the phone at times. Interesting stuff.

There’s zero evidence that Pius was the Nazi sympathiser uninformed people like to think. But it shows, even the Pope believed a Hitler was possessed.

So proof is Hitler was possessed, but question is, what were the signs showing it? There are signs that they look for to discern if someone is possessed. What signs did these two people exhibit?

Relevant replies only, please.

You might want to do some research before throwing out untrue comments like that.

I think their evil murderous and sick actions speak for themselves. Stalin was an atheist. Hitler dabbled in the occult and other heretical beliefs. He never practiced the Catholic faith he was baptized in. I generally don’t believe one cannot safely say that both men made some secret pack with the devil for power. In Stalin’s case, he was an atheist, so I’m doubtful that someone who didn’t believe in God is going to make some pack with the devil. The better thing for people to focus on in not speculation on this but that their deeds and fruit were and are evil and need to be still spoken out about. I would recommend to you to read the latest book about Dietrich Von Hildebrand and how he was one of the first to speak up and against Hitler starting in 1921. We should focus on lesson from his life and not speculation about packs with the devil that we have no direct info or witness to.

I would suggest to you that you do your research. Please read the book “My battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth and Defiance” by Dietrich Von Hildebrand. He was a devout Catholic professor that was one of the first to speak up and out against Hitler starting with 1921. When Hitler came to power in 1933, he fled the country to Austria. He continued from Austria and when Hitler annexed Austria, he fled in a dramatic escape similar to the Sound of Music portrayal. There were many Catholics that were against Hitler and persecution of devout Catholics under him. He was a friend to the man that eventually became Pope Pius the 12th. Please research real history before you make blanket statements that are inaccurate.

Might be better to start a new thread on this issue with some proof or a link.

What is your reference that Pope Pius tried to attempt an exorcism on Hitler? You are asking for signs, i think it is obvious by the things Hitler believed, practiced in his murderous immoral actions. What more is there to say? Again with Stalin, he was an atheist.

Wow! I had no idea Göthe and Marlowe were script writers for Hollywood studios . . . as must have been the authors of the Malleus Maleficarum (II,2).

A simple Google search would have found that for you.


In any case, I’m referring to the specific signs that one is possessed. They’re not so abstract. They’re things like levitating, going into trances, speaking in languages they shouldn’t know, body contortions, superhuman strength and aversion to the sacred.

Hitler’s atrocities could arguably have been due to madness. My question is, what actual signs did he show that he was possessed? Concrete signs that are known to be signs of possession, rather than just immoral action shot?

About Stalin, though I am aware he was an atheist, it doesn’t necessarily preclude him from being involved in the occult. Exorcists say superstition grows where there is no faith. An atheist can still be involved in the occult.

Karl Marx was a Satanist. That’s a fact.

some of the so called signs you listed have been experienced by Catholic saints in terms of levitating and speaking in tongues. I think you are treading on thin ice here. Unless you have actual proof that Stalin dabbled in the occult, I wouldn’t go there with him. I don’t think you can come up with some “list” or “signs” and then turn around as say Hitler was demon possessed. I think you already have your sorts of answers. He was evil, he left the Catholic church, he was full of hatred, he practiced the occult, he was immoral man, he had aversion to the Catholic church as well as other Christians. He ended up killing himself. I am not sure what the point of the thread is. We can start to list all kinds of historical figures that are gone but coming up with some concrete list or proof for direct demon possession really serves no healthy purpose. Their evil lives and deeds speak for themselves, isn’t that enough?

I think we can agree to disagree on that point.

For one thing, historians spend a lot of effort into pinning down why Hitler was the way he was. Academics have theories of syphilis or mental illness or whatever. Why can’t we the people of faith theorise too?

You might consider it useless speculation, but it can have a practical use today. If we can learn how to identify when powerful or wealthy people are in league with the devil, it would help us be on our guard. According to the quote I wrote in a previous post, and the video below, these exorcist-priests do say that some wealthy powerful people made pacts with the devil, and that the illuminati is real and the Freemasons are also satanic at its highest echelon. It is useful to be able to detect when a prominent person is in league with the devil, and learning about the signs these historical people exhibited can help with that. If people knew better when Hitler was around, less people would have been seduced.


what proof do you have for that claim?

Well we agree to disagree, and you’re welcome to simply not participate in a thread you deem pointless. Though your input was not particularly helpful and was frankly pretty condescending and dismissive, I thank you and bid you adieu. See you in other discussions, where I hope we’ll have good talks about areas we’re both interested in.

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