Evidence to Fire you for being a Christian?


This is directed to those that work outside the home in a business.

Is there sufficient evidence to get you fired for being a christian( again excluding the Bible )?


My resume hs ministries I’ve worked for on it. Plus I wear a cross all the time so I put physical evidence. There’d be hearsay evidence as well.


We will be in the un-employment line together if it ever happens…


Well if they can do that then we can start a businees and not let them in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alrighty then!


That poll only let me make one choice.
It would be both physical evidence as well as hearsay.


I’ve discussed lent with several customers and coworkers, and today had a very animated conversation with a Sister(Who was fully habited, if thats a term) whose from the parish I go too. So-heresay. I know others hear/see.

I wouldn’t be the only Christian to go though. Today a Melissa Ethridge song was on the store station, something about angels falling, and a coworker says “This song makes no sense, obviously someone who hasn’t ever read the Bible to know what angels really are!”


Ummm … apart from the medals and crucifix I wear? :smiley:

If anyone checked my mp3 player (which I always have with me) they’d find recordings of the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy as well as Bible Readings for each day’s mass (I listen to 'em on the walk to church). Occasionally I might have a prayer booklet or a church bulletin in my handbag. And yes, I’ve told co-workers that I’m Catholic.

So yeah, I reckon so.


Lets see, on my workstation, I have FIVE Holy Cards (Icon of Christ Pancrator, BVM & Miraculous medal, St Maximillian Kolbe, St Faustina, & a homemade one of ArchBishop Fulton Sheen)–I also have pasted up a cut out image of BVM Guadalupe & the lyrics of THREE Christian oriented songs*: Non Nobis, I Still Believe *(The Call), & Salisbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)

Guess I’m “outed”–and the funny thing is–I’m customer service at a lingerie company!


Rosary in the pocket

Miraculous medal around the neck

Rosary CD in the car

Bible on my night stand

CAF bookmarked on my computer

Prayers on my computer

And my actions…well, maybe not.:rolleyes:


I wear a crucifix. If people ask me I talk about my faith (they know I am Catholic.) My question is… if you had proof you got fired for your religion wouldn’t that be covered under the discrimination law?


The question was poised as a premise to our government being overrun by non-christians that would make certain religious identities illegal.

For those that done some history searching into the United States and it’s persecution of Catholics, then you will know what I am driving at.


I wear a crucifix. I have a picture of Jesus and the Little Children behind me on the wall and a holy card of Our Mother of Perpetual help on my desk, and quotes by the Founding Fathers regarding the importance of religion and morality as the principles on which Freedom can securely stand, as well as other quotes from the bible.

I work in a county courthouse, in an enclosed basement office. Nobody has given me a hard time yet. My boss (an elected official and a non-Catholic) keeps a bible on her desk and at least one co-worker has a picture of the guardian angel guiding the little children across the bridge.


I have an icon of the crucifixion on my office wall and read America magazine during lunch.

So I’m thinking yes, hard physical evidence.



At the job I had previously I got to listen to music at my desk. I often listened to christian music as it truly helped me reduce stress and focus on God throughout the day. I remember one of the guys in the office next to mine come and tell me that if the VP’s upstairs heard the music I was playing I would probably get fired. I told him straight out, fine let them fire me I am not going to stop listening to this for a job. :wink:


Tell it like it is Sista!


I must say I don’t understand the question, and the text of the poll seems just meaningless (" Feuerverger multiplied the instances that each name appeared during the tomb’s time p").

First I thought it was about getting fired from a job because you’re a Christian/Catholic, but after I’ve seen the answers I’m not so sure anymore…

Ok, I live in a traditionally Catholic country (Austria), but in a line of business (media) that’s normally rather anti-Catholic. Everyone knows that I’m a practising Catholic (and many also that I’m a convert), I wear a large Miraculous Medal and sometimes also a crucifix. Still, I’ve never had any bad experiences with co-workers and also no other problems to date (I also use my knowledge of the Church in my work BTW).


There are those that being Christian will become Illegal at some point in time.

My Priest asks this question at least once a year during his homilies.

Why? Well one’s christianity and proof of it whether it be something physical or verbal should not stop when you walk into the doors of one’s place of employment. Some leave their christianity inside the exit doors of their church.


Actually I thought it was a very good question from the point of evangelism. Pope Benedict has repeatedly highlighted the growing secular culture and the danger it poses. And he has called on all Catholics to spread the Gospel, to help re-Christianize the West. Your question really made me think: “Am I doing enough? What more could I do in my daily life?”.


Sometimes I think it is easy to get caught up in the externals of religion, versus the heart of Catholicism. I think that some of us (me) can get caught up LOOKING Catholic (i.e. having holy cards, crucifixes, palms, rosaries, etc. around the house, car, work place, etc.). But what I wonder is if all of my “stuff” was taken away, would my words and actions convict me of being a Catholic Christian? I can have pretty holy cards galore, rosaries stuck in every pocket and purse, etc., but do I treat others like my brothers and sisters in Christ? Do I put other people’s needs in front of my own? Do I bear my crosses without complaint? Sadly, I very often have to answer “no” to the latter.

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