Evil and fun movie villains


Father Z has published a list of his favorite “Evil and fun movie villains”.

Here are mine:

Darth Vader
Paul Sarone (John Voight from the movie Anaconda)
Ruth Bukater (played Rose’s Mother from the movie Titanic)
Wicked Witch of the West
Robert the Bruce’s father from Braveheart (Ian Bannen)
Borg Queen

The Blue Meanies

The Phantom of the Opera (Butler & Crawford)

Lord Voldemort…with honorary mention to Severus Snape and Delores Umbridge as demi-villians. :smiley:

The Joker

Interesting choice, I always consider him to be the Protagonist character(Not the ‘hero’ which is actually Christine, except in the 1925 silent film which has the alternate ending) and the misunderstanding world surrounding him to be the real villian…(Not any characters, but the general world view of the Disabled, psychologically ill and also mentally ill)

I guess this is because I’m very familar with the original Novel and the 1925 Lon Cheney Sr silent flick which ends with the alternate ending of the Phantom being calliously and meliciously hunted down by an angry mob, bashed to death and thrown in a river in a scene reminicent of 1980s “the Elephant Man”. The last Shot of the film is of his body floating lifeless in the water.

Anyway “The Joker” 1989 Jack Nicholson version is my nomination. I’ll never understand why they choose to do it again.

I would nominate Angelique, the witch from the old TV show and the two movies, Dark Shadows. She was beautiful and had a lovely voice that sounded like bells–but she was incredibly, horribly, chillingly evil. She claimed to be in love with Barnabas, yet she destroyed his life and the lives of all those he loved and who loved him.

The actress still performs Angelique’s laugh at Dark Shadows conventions–it sounds like bells, beautiful tone bells–but it’s so cold and heartless and selfish. The laugh says it all about this villainess.

I believe that Angelique is one of the reasons why this show was actually a good choice for Christians to watch. It showed evil as EVIL, not as “cute” like the show Bewitched did. Angelique was physically beautiful, but that was the only beautiful thing about here. She was pure evil.

Lara Parker, the actress who originated this great character, has written a lovely novel called Angelique’s Descent that explains a lot of Angelique’s motives. Yes, she was very wronged by Barnabas when they were teenagers. But did that really justify her cursing an entire family? No.

I would also nominate Goldfinger from the James Bond movie. I think he won a “Greatest Villains” poll put out by some movie organization several years ago.

'No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." :smiley:

And I’m probably prejudiced because I love the actor, but I would nominate T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He was so implacable, so unemotional. It was like watching a spider attack. No awareness that he was killing people. I’ve read a lot of reviews of this performance, and most of them call it a brilliant portrayal. I will admit that he’s not exactly “fun”, but it is cute when he wags his finger at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

FInally, I think that Boris Karloff’s “mummy” was really frightening. He walked so slow and limpy, but he always caught his victims who were running like mad to get away from him.

That’s one of those old movie cliches - no matter how fast the damsel in distress is running, the villian always catches up, no matter how slow he moves (runs, walks, limps, crawls, etc.).

How quickly we forget:

Michael Myers from Halloween
Jason from Friday the 13h
Dr Doom from Fantastic 4
Magneto from X-men

I agree with Goldfinger
Joker from Dark Knight

My favorite? Without a doubt, Hannibal Lecter.

A man of culture and taste, with an appreciation for classical music and theatre, fine wines, tasteful art, elegant decor and design, and of course, all kinds of exquisite cuisine, including ---- well, you know :yup:

Magneto at least was represented credibly and with respect to the source material, Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movies was terrible. He is a villian, but he’s a complex villian with certain heroic qualities in the comics which was passed over. Magneto btw managed to give me a nightmare as a kid as I remember one particular comic where he was recounting his life and he was explaining how his nascent abilities allowed him to live through the rest of his family been machine gunned by the Nazis. The artist had illustrated the sequence by having him crawl out of a mass grave. if the spin off Magneto movie stays close to the comics you’ll see why he would be so bitter.

As for movie villians, Darth Vader would be high on my list as he is pretty much what Dr. Doom should have been - a noble soul corrupted by his own pride and arrogance and embittered by personal tragedy.

Khan in Star Trek - again noble but decidely arrogant and in his case unable to redeem himself.

Travis Bickle - an example of the tragic villain

Gollum - again even though he is evil at times you feel great pity for him.

Since they made a movie as a sequel to the video game I get to add Sephiroph from Final Fantasy VII.

Gollum, The Joker from TDK are both good.

Gosh there’s plenty more…

T-1000 from T2
Prince Humperdink from The Princess Bride…
The Baroness/step-mother from Ever After (I forget her name…Was it Rodmilla de Gent, or something like that? Spelling aside…lol)
The three old men from “Night at the Museum”…LOL! “Put a lid on it, butterscotch!”

Vito Corleone.

Victor Kruger aka the 4000+ year old Immortal The Kurgan from Highlander

“I have something to say!–It is better to burn in hell, than to fade away!”


I loved all the unnamed members of the Syndicate in the XFiles universe – Gray Haired Man, Well Manicured Man, the Smoking Man.

I know! So wonderful! I LOVEZ THE X-FILEZ

My choice right now would be… Megatron.

I’m serious. ._.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a robot go on a wilder rampage.

I would also like to second this one:

Oh yes, he’s really evil all right (and a painfully good swordsman too). What I don’t get is how he has so many fan girls. :eek:

Would Dangeresque count as a movie villain?

The Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz)
The Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction)

Norman Bates (Hitchock’s Psycho)
Hannibal Lector
James Gumb (the kidnapper in Silence of the Lambs)

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