Evil and its boundaries


I know that we as Christians are called to live according to the highest standards of love, including loving our enemies, perpetrators of evil etc. I’m wondering though, if under some circumstances it’d be more appropriate to “tune things out” for the sake of one’s health, including spiritual health? I’ve just moved to the States a few days ago after months of a horrendous existence back “home”. I’m still suffering from poor health due to the constant stress and persecution that I had to go through before as a writer. What’s more, an article I wrote has also just been published by an American publication. I’m experiencing a happiness here that I haven’t felt before in a long time. A few family members are actually with me to help me with settling down (due to my poor health). I’ve noticed that there are destructive thought and behavioral patterns that, if not checked, will result in the loss of peace, negativity and even despair. Although our faith is beautiful beyond words, one must realize that the injunction to “love at all costs”, to “love infinitely” and “endure patiently” can be taken out of context and incorporated into commands to do certain things for the benefit of certain people of authority. I’ve heard that having boundaries is a good and loving thing, but haven’t delved deeply into that yet. Sometimes I feel in my heart that I must throw away all destructive thought patterns and those people who remind me of them, while following the peace that is in my heart. I want to be able to do this calmly and confidently, without being nagged at by destructive internal thoughts (telling me I’m selfish, guilty, hypocritical, doomed, useless and one thousand other bad things). Thanks a lot for your opinions, advice and prayers everyone.


I think your on to something good - a cure all medicine.
A lot of hidden wisdom in what you said -
I’m not sure if your applying any of it or not -
but stress - will kill you - ruin your health - your spirituality - etc -

People divorce, take pills galore, see shrinks - etc - because of stress -
Me, going to Catholic church - rejuvenates me !
And always brings peace to my heart and mind.
Jesus - is the great physician - King of peace !


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