Evil Animals?


I was reading the book of revelation with a friend, and we came across a mention of scorpions and evil animals or something…i’ll go look up the quote now, but are some animals evil? Like i know the snake is usually associated with Satan, so does that make it evil?


Not if you’re a farmer who understands and appreciates the way many breeds of snakes go after rodents. You WANT those barn snakes and field snakes. :thumbsup:


Animals are all neutral. They have no sense of morality, therefore, they cannot be either good or evil. They are just there. Revelation uses lots of figurative language and all that stuff, that was just the way of trying to get the point across.


I find it interesting that many associate the snake, the cat and the goat with the devil. They, and only they, have a vertical slit for a pupil in the eye. All other animals, as far as I know, have a round pupil.


Sorry, but I have a cat, Fluffy, on the chair beside me as I type this. (She likes to “help out”:rolleyes: ) I looked into her eyes. Round pupils. :eek:


I don’t know about all snakes but my little cornsnake, Cooper, has round,black eyes. They look like little black beads.



This is not a picture of my snake, I got this off the web. But this snake closely resembles mine. See, no slits for eyes.

My daughters think that Cooper is adorable.:stuck_out_tongue:


Just like many ancient peoples :slight_smile: - I prefer spiders; they’re definitely evil(-looking).

But cats are best of all ##


A while back I spent a couple of days thinking 'bout that stuff in the Apocalypse where it says something like, some people were stung by the tails of locusts which looked like warriors in armour on horses going to war coming up from the bottomless abyss, I think that was it - more or less.
Anyway, it went on to describe what happened to the people who were stung by these war-like hell locusts, saying they suffered but did not die, but wished they were dead, and the suffering was like the scorpions sting.
Now, the symptoms of the scorpions sting bore, you will find on the internet, a remarkable resemblance to Gulf War Syndrome, including unusual things like depression and very extreme fatigue. But Gulf War Syndrome is not new, it is worldwide, wherever there is war it claims its own casualties, the same medical symptoms GWS describes are recorded in war records going back to the American Civil War.:confused:


Only one that I know of…


Sorry. I have to disagree. Spiders are the very incarnation of evil.


When has the cat been associated with the devil? I’ve never heard that before.

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What? Evil? They have evolved (or been created by God [or both]) to eat insects and other spiders. What is evil about that. Any gardener with brains knows better then to disturb a spider’s web. Organic pest control:thumbsup:


I’m telling you. Pure. Unadulterated. Evil. :wink:


Evil??? Are THEM here???



I AGREE WITH YOU ON THIS!! Of course Im an arachnaphobic:o



I dont know about good or evil, but we are referred to as sheep(in the bible) and sheep are pretty stupid animals.:eek:


I have frequently wondered what God was thinking when He created carpenter ants and termites . . . . .

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MY INTERNETS! Cats really are evil. :frowning:

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