Evil as a positive existent


And do you think at least one of His acts could be evil?


No, since He has dominion over all things, He does not encounter any property other than His own, nor does He encounter anyone with rights over Him, nor does there exist a higher authority He is accountable to; so injustice cannot be attributed to Him.


So, every one of His actions upon you and upon any other beings have to be good actions, isn’t it?


Yes, there is always wisdom, even if it may not be clear to us.


So, if at some moment of your life you thought that God was the creator of Evil, it was because you weren’t thinking with clarity, right?


But I do believe that God is the creator of evil. My point all this time is that the creator of evil cannot be considered evil Himself.


How could God, who is simply perfect and whose actions are good and perfect, produce evil?


Because evil is contingent, and everything contingent has a cause. LOL, we’re going around in circles here.


Do you think “evil” and “imperfect” have the same meaning?


Not even “imperfect”, but “finite”. Do you think “evil” and “finite” have the same meaning?


I believe evil is finite, if that’s what you mean.


And, do you think finite is evil?


No, since all of creation is finite.


Ok, could it be that finitude is the source or occasion of evil?


That would lead to infinite regress.


Ah, infinite regress! The ghost that frightens STT.

No, infinite regress would NOT be hidden here.

God creates the universe, which is finite. And as it is finite, it can be the source or occasion of evil. And it ends here.


You are a human being; a finite being. And you always have needs. You might know how to act properly to satisfy those needs, in harmony with God’s commands. But sometimes you fail. Isn’t it because you are finite?


So, God creates the universe, which is good, and then the good universe produces evil, even though good and evil are incompatible, and yet for this reason you assert that God cannot produce evil…

Sorry, but this discussion has gone on for far too long, without yielding any results. Goodnight.


Good night, SalamKhan! I hope you find your peace of mind soon.


I just don’t see how the two can be together. Allowing evil is one thing; creating it another. If He creates it, He condones it; He approves of it-and then there should be no difference between heaven and hell.

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