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I am worried that some books in my house may have some satanic content. Even if they don’t, is it imperative that I remove them from the house?

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If you are overly concerned, just get rid of them and have your house blessed. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Also, if you are too concerned about the occult remember: Confession and Eucharist, also with a devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

I guess I just need to know if I’m putting myself at risk or sinning by not removing them since I have to go to sleep in a few minutes and getting rid of them would require waking up family (it’s 1 am here). I have scrupulous and am having something like a panic attack. :frowning:

Evil books are evil only if you are seduced by their evil content. The best defense is to focus on our Lord and the angels and saints especially our Lords’ Mother Mary. Also read sacred scripture and the writings of our Great Saints. Evil books have no original content just the same old lies of Satan. As Jesus said, he was a liar from the beginning.

Why would you remove books that don’t have satanic content?

Personally, I think you should get rid of them, just to be on the safe side.

What I meant was do you have to remove evil books in general even if the ones in my house aren’t. Basically am i putting myself at risk of something by being around them or am I committing a sin?

A simple way to put it is, even if you aren’t reading them or taking part in them is it a sin to be around them and keep them. Am I putting myself at risk of something by keeping them or being around them?

How do you remove “evil” books from your house if you don’t have any there? It’s not worth bothering your family over books that you imagine are evil, but aren’t. Keep calm & talk to your priest. He may be able to help with the scruples problem.

What I’m trying to say is if hypothetically I knew for certain that they were evil would I need to remove them?

(They include stories involving necromancers and druids and also my brothers extensive magic the gathering card collection) not limited to those though

Don’t touch anything belonging to anyone else in your family! You cannot be hurt by these things - they are not evil in & of themselves. If you look at them/read them yourself & they cause a problem for you, then they may be “evil” as far as you are concerned. IF they belong strictly to you, then you can dispose of them. Tho it wouldn’t be a sin if you left them on the shelf. But an easy solution would be not to buy any potentially problematic books in the first place.

Because I sell books, I sometimes get books that I haven’t thoroughly checked out. If I find them to be immoral, I dispose of them. But that does not necessarily include fantasy. I can recall only one fantasy book that was also immoral. It went into the garbage.

My advice to talk with your priest still holds.

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