Evil child? Only way to save?


Hey everyone, I would just like to know whether this is acceptable or not

So I was reading some horror comics with friends earlier today, and I came across one where the father had to kill his son, as the son was about to kill a whole city and wreck evil onto the world. When the evil son died, we were all relieved, but I felt a tad bit bad because some how I related this to “abortion after birth” or murder (since the one stopping the son is the father, the sister was just terrified haha), even though jts the typical movie scenario and the child is already an adult, and it got me thinking. I know this isnt abortion, which is not acceptable at all, and about the “what if you had baby hitler” scenario. But in the cases where the child is syill a baby its still wrong because the child never did anything wrong yet. But lets say, your child is all grown up already, and their about to kill a large part of your population, but you gave them a loving child hood. Like, you tried your best to give your child the best childhood, but they turned out evil, would it be morally acceptable to kill them if its the only way, or would it be considered “evil, gravely sinful”. Idk im just genuinly curious

My Catholic friend says that she doesnt think it would be a gravely sinful act, since the evil son was already an adult, and the father tried his best to change. She says abortion is completely different from this scenario because abortion is the killing of an innocent child who wasnt even born yet. She says this scenario is nothing like that because the son already is grown uo and is choosing to kill others. So she says the father is in the clear because he was trying to save others.


If truly evil, summon the local excorcist!!!


@Gabika50 the father did try that for the son haha, but apparently it was all the sons own will. But it would of been a better story if they were all happy in the end :frowning: The story ended up with the father dying too, and the daughter ended up all alone :frowning:


No, that is gravely sinful. Why can’t the parents go to the police? There are real instances today where kids plan mass school shootings, and when their parents have found out about it…they did the right thing and called the police to stop the event. Not killed their kid.


It would only be justifiable if the dad only had just found out about it, and was confronted with his son at gunpoint, as it would be done in self-defense.


@Allie1 okay… so in the story, teenage boy was choking his innocent younger sister, what would be the best thing to do then?


@LiveSkype So in the stories situation it would be acceptable? Because the son was choking his younger sister and she was about to be a goner. The fathers only resort was to knock him out. Sorry for being a bother, I just felt kind of guilty to be relieved that the sister was saved even though her brother died. And I thought about whether killing in situations like this would be acceptable


Believe it or not I am nurse who has done er work and dealt with several kids who have done exactly this. The right thing the parents did in these instances, was to pull the kid off of their younger sibling, and bring the child to the closest emergency department for psychiatric evaluation, this then initiated evaluation for placement in a psychiatric facility for the child to receive treatment for their severe psychiatric issues. Again, not killing the kid


You didn’t explain that the son was choking his younger sister. There could have been a way for the dad to pry his son’s hands away from her, but since it sounds like he was holding her with a death grip, there obviously must have been a case of demonic possession with the son.


@Allie1 ah your right I never thought about that… so should I label the father as a bad guy as well? Thanks for letting me know it shouldnt be acceptable at all, I was quite confused because I was like, “The daughters safe thank gosh” “The son cant hurt anyone know ig” “The father… ok then”


@LiveSkype Idk tbh haha. When the fathe noticed he just came out of no where with the frying pan just as the daughter was going to pass out. The son did look like a demon during that situation. Im not going to go into detail but the sister was sobbing because he put something in her mouth. But honestly idk who the good guy in this situation is now


@Allie1@LiveSkype Sorry if im annoying any of you guys! Im genuinly curious haha. I just feel kinda guilty and was pondering whether this situation was acceptable or not, because at first i thought it was and know you guys are really changing my thoughts now!


don’t read horror comics cause this is what you will be exposed to. wink wink


@CajunJoy65 i know i shouldnt of :pensive: but this is what happens when you go to a sleepover with secular friends


Yes the father was gravely wrong for his actions. In that there were other actions for him to take that do not end in death. Why didn’t he immediately attempt to separate the younger sibling from the older sibling? The next step after that would bring the homicidal teenager to the nearest hospital for psychiatric evaluation and placement.

Believe it or not these types of situations are sadly common. And there are instances in which parents have brought their kids to the ed and said “my son can not come home at this time, he is threatening to stab all of us to death in our sleep”
“My child can not come home at this time I caught them downstairs strangling their younger sibling”

The parents have an obligation to both of their children. They need to both keep the younger child safe. And get the older child psychiatric help for their mental illness that they so desperately need


Well bring some good wholesome reading material when you go sleep over.


A frying pan. Gee, that reminds me of a certain Disney Princess movie… How original.
As for the story, let’s say that the father did manage to pry his son away from his daughter. The question is whether or not the son would would still follow the plan of whether or not he going to blow up the whole city and cause mass carnage. Is it one of those things that he has to go to a certain place/get access to a certain item in order for him to execute (no pun intended) his plan of mass destruction? If that’s the case, and the father figured this out, then his modus operandi should be how to do about it in the least violent manner possible. It sounds like the dad wanted to make his son unconscious for a while, unless if he wanted him dead.


@Allie1 thank you for the information! On another note my friends are going to think im weird for thinking the fathers in the wrong too, when earlier i was so relieved, but thank you for telling me the correct way i should be feeling! I wish i could of thought of the other scenarios


Well, hey! At least this person is having the conversation here, and not some wishy-washy secular web forum!


@CajunJoy65 good idea :pensive:

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