"evil eye" and Islam

Is it true that the “evil eye” (envy) is a belief in Islam?

I don’t know if it’s part of Islam, but it’s part of my culture. I’m Hispanic, but I think it’s also derived from the fact that most of my people were descended from Sephardic Jews and the evil eye is a huge part of that culture. Of course, it’s a huge thing in many other European cultures, who are Catholic as well and other non-Judeo-Christian backgrounds.

A friend of mine returned from the Middle East and brought me a “hand of Fatima” I believe he called it. It is made of silver with Arabic inscriptions on it. It’s supposed to be hung on the door to keep away the “evil eye”. It’s a very “pretty” piece. I have it hanging on my front door as ornamentation. I don’t believe in the “evil eye”, but I like the decoration anyway.:slight_smile:

There you have it… it’s a belief all over the world, from people of varied cultural and religious backgrounds. :slight_smile:

But is it mentioned in the Quran or hadith?

Or bible for that matter?

My wife is from Sicily. Her aunts and mother believed in the’evil eye’ and they were all Catholic. My wife tells the story about when her mom, her aunt and her were shopping one day and a woman said how cute my wife was(she was about 6) and her aunt spit in her eyes and wipped them with a handkerchif because she said the woman put the ‘evil eye’ on her and the spit would was it away. I don’t know if Muslims believe in the ‘evil eye’ or not but they did rule Sicily at one time so maybe it is a carry over from then.

The “evil eye” is not mentioned in the Qur’an. What the Qur’an tells people to do is to seek refuge with Allah against the evil of the envier as he envies. I know of a hadith where the Prophet (saaws) says that “the evil eye is a fact” but what that means specifically, the scholars disagree. I mean, that could mean that it’s a fact people believe in the evil eye and won’t be convinced otherwise.

And I’ve heard many people tell stories of hardship they faced which they attribute directly to envy.

I say, I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed Shaytaan, and trust in the power of Allah.

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