Evil eye charms and similar products


Hi, first post. Just wanted to say Hi too in here, and heres my first question.

According to Catholic teaching, arent charms or anything luck related not approved to wear or own? I have this black onyx bead “evil eye” charm given to me by my mom (Catholic --> Protestant sorta) and I value it as it was a gift from her. I have a very close relationship with my mom and I was wondering if I am doing something bad, within Catholic teaching, by wearing this.

I’ll describe the item more… its a small black onyx bead with many small facets, no painting of an eyeball or anything like that. Its got a red plastic thing running thru the center to hold it together with the clasp, where you attack it to your chain/necklace.

Is this occult or bad? Thanks :slight_smile:


You have to understand that it isn’t a charm, it won’t bring good luck or protect you. It can’t be anything more than an ornament given by your mother. If she believes it is a charm, tell her you don’t, but you value it because it is a gift from her.


It’s good that you don’t buy into the superstition that goes with it. In counseling at the SPCDC, clients are instructed to destroy these types of items since they can have a demonic attachment. I personally would not be comfortable wearing it because of what it represents and what message I may be sending by wearing it.


Thank you for the replies, Trishie and beckycmarie. I took it off my chain’s clasp yesterday and haven’t looked back. Thanks again and I really am happy I found this forum.


Welcome to the forums. You will find answers to all possible questions here.
You might find what the pocket catholic dictionary at therealpresence.org/dictionary/adict.htm
CHARM. In general, the power to allure or draw or fascinate. Specifically any object that when worn or carried on one’s person is believed to ward off evil or ensure good fortune. Charms can also be words or gestures believed to have the same power. To charm, therefore, means to cast a spell upon or influence someone beyond the ordinary powers of nature. As a form of superstition, charms are sinful. As a part of animism, they are the same as amulets and belong to the same category as witchcraft.

You are right to discard it. God bless:)


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