Evil Harry Potter

Which ones, and how do we know this?

(I’d also be curious to know how JK Rowling knew them, but that’s another topic)


No it does not, having made this claim I call upon you to show where and when these real spells occur in the text and show supporting proof for that.


There is also an article from pagans, witches, and druids speaking about how Harry Potter normalized paganism as a normal practice and lifestyle and talk about the “power of pagan prayer” in their life.

How any good Catholic can support this is beyond me. Paganism, witchcraft is a false religion and we should not be in any way supporting this.


I read them when I was young and it has not had much of an impact.


Righto, still waiting for references showing actual curses and spells are used in the books.


Because no one really cares about the magic, it’s mostly just a plot device.


@Scott84 seems to have vanished in a puff of smoke. I wonder how he achieved that.


It’s not even very well worked out, the magic strikes me as more poorly executed superpowers at times and has the worst aspects of stuff like Dungeons and Dragons at moments. At times she comes closer to a better level of writing as the books go on, but they were in dire need of an editor at points I thought.

And were drifting in and out of it when I was their age 25 to 30 years ago and will likely be drifting in and out of it when I’ve popped my clogs.

In my day the great furore was over table-top RPGs etc. Thankfully in the UK and Ireland as I note this very muted and most parents just didn’t want us to waste too much time on these things and become addicted to them. A far more real concern I would say than the chances of us summoning up thinly disguised pastiches of monsters and gods from mythological pantheons.

Please no! Not another Harry Potter thread! I think this topic needs to be banned! It’s been a decade since the last book was released and the last film (I don’t count the “Fantastic Beasts” films) so time to move on!

And honestly, by this point JK Rowling has shown her true colors so we don’t need to debate this anymore!


I knew someone who read one of the books and not more than three months later he cut himself shaving.


The Church probably recommends women wear pants or at least something on their lower regions when working outside the house.


I would prefer to accept the exorcist’s advice over anything else.

It is the exorcist priest who knows and understands fully about spiritual dangers. After all he is the one that people turn to when they have significant spiritual problems. He would not have said such without good reason and recommend that the book to be removed.


Except he is not named or referenced. Also, exorcists are not given by virtue of their calling an exception from having to prove their points by showing why the material is dangerous. Why is a priest in the deep South contacting exorcists in Rome over HP? I find the whole claim rather fishy.


As though posting to this thread has to be on your schedule…

Perhaps they have a life beyond the forum and devote time elsewhere.


That is of course not allowed. The spells that empower CAF require us all to be typing relentlessly else they will fail and the magics will become depleted.


If you look at the original article you will find that the priest name is there, though not directly quoted as he was not available to comment due to not being out of office. Though confirmation that they had been removed from the schools. Paragraph below can be read in The Tennesean:

The pastor was out of the office until Wednesday, but Rebecca Hammel, the superintendent of schools for the Catholic Diocese of Nashville, confirmed Reehil sent an email about removing the books following an inquiry from a parent. He also notified faculty, she said.

I am talking about the exorcist in Rome, not the priest in Nashvillle.

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My kids read the books and ten years later they had to move out of the house and get a job.

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