Evil has triumphed

The Steelers are Super Bowl champs. Please, no arguments. Just bow your heads and pray for mercy as the end of the world surely is nigh. Oh how I hate the Steelers. I hate them so very much. So very, very much.

i live in arizona and know that the Cardinals played a really good game. we had a football team that for so many years, didn’t do very well, so to see them go all the way to the superbowl was amazing. the steelers have won 5 games already. i wish the underdogs would have won. i don’t understand football that well, but i think some of the announcers were definitely pro-steelers and i thought some of the calls were questionable. but that is my opinion. the cardinals don’t have anything to be ashamed of because they did well. it was an exciting game.

They played a great game…I so wish they would have won!!!

Calling an all red bird a ‘cardinal’ was a Catholic ethnic slur. That’s where the team got its name.

So I’m glad the Steelers won.

Congratulations to the Cards for playing a tough game that could have gone either way. It was a well matched contest!


just because a bird is the color of the cardinal vestments and is named so, does not mean it is an ethnic slur.

That’s exactly where is came from. People just accept it now.

Kinda like Scotch tape and Dutch treat. See how our language has terminologies creep in?

I’m a Steeler’s fan(next to the Bears). I was brought up in WVa. near Pittsburg. I’m glad they won, but Ariz. sure did make a game out of it! It was a amazing game, with all sorts of odd twists and turns. I love football…and now its over…

yes, but calling it an ethnic slur goes a little far.

and please don’t bring up the fact that arizona was not allowed to get the superbowl until we had a national holiday honoring martin luther king, jr.

the people voted down the holiday and then the NFL officials said that the superbowl would never be held in arizona until we had a martin luther king, jr. holiday.

so the people of arizona bowed to the NFL pure and simple for economic and entertainment reasons, not because a majority wanted a holiday to honor martin luther king jr.

please do not misunderstand me. i just don’t think that was the proper way to honor MLK jr.

i am not a fan of professional sports. i think it is all about money.

i think the cardinal team had a terrific season and played a terrific game tonight.

i don’t know why the OP called the Steelers evil, but i do wish the cardinals would have triumphed.

the superbowl already happened?
wow, it was much less painful this time, I didn’t even notice…

The game was played well by both teams, the refs screwed it up in the end though. That last call really spoiled the game for me. I was going for the Cards, but had it not been for that last bad call it would have been a great game, win or lose.

i also thought there were some questionable calls, but i am not a football enthusiast, so i thought maybe it was just me. however, i was listening to my favorite talk radio host this morning who also does sports radio on a different station, so he had been sent to tampa to cover the game and he said the last play should have been challenged. i am glad i don’t follow sports closely, because i am sure there are many arizonans who are feeling disappointed this morning. the arizona cardinals did really well though for their first superbowl performance.

One of the great Super Bowls.


I agree, I think it was the best yet! Ever. I love my team always have, Win or lose they are awesome.

We have the most loyal fans, and steelers fans are eveywhere. IT was a wonderful game, I knew it would be. A fight till the end.

Both teams were awesome and proved they both deserved to be there. I wish they could have both won. And IMO they are both winners.

But I LOVE MY STEELERS and I am so proud of them. But this team is the best team ever. :extrahappy: They had the hardest schedule ever, and still found a way to win. Because that’s what they are winners. And they try hard, and never ever quit.

Love ya Black and Gold. And see ya next year AGAIN in the SURPER BOWL! :wave:

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