Evil, thine face is Kevorkian


So Dr. Death has begun his run for Congress in Michigan. Thoughts, anyone?

Yes, I think he is just running to prove a point to himself, and a hand full of wackos. I don’t think anyone gives him any chance at all of winning. Of course, this is Michigan, and they have had their share of problems lately with the Detroit mayor and all. I really think his whole campaign is a joke, but I think he should be taken seriously.

Considering that he is an advocate of the culture of death–he probably has a good shot at winning, if he runs. I never looked at him as a bad man, personally–just someone who confused doing good, with actually doing evil. That is the power of the devil–to deceive us. Dr K didn’t think he was killing anyone, but rather rescuing them from pain and misery. So, somewhere in there, in his own mind–he is helping people.

That’s the culture of death–it is when evil appears as good. Scary, no?:frowning:

Since Kevorkian has officially announced his candidacy for public office, he can no longer be discussed here. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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