Evolution and Cosmology - can a person reject one without rejecting the other?


The latest thread on evolution got me wondering about this. Are there people out there who reject any notion of evolution but who accept the basic prevailing ideas about cosmology (origin and age of the earth, age of the universe, etc)? Or, any people who accept some form of evolution but reject any notion of the universe as cosmology explains it?

Rejecting one while accepting the other seems to me to be quite inconsistent. Anybody think otherwise?


:twocents: I don’t know if I fit those categories.
I don’t mind evolution but I don’t think there would be any discussion at all if it was plainly proven, who could argue, but some do argue about the details. I also don’t see the need for ‘time’ in large amounts for evolution, if it can happen at all it can happen quickly just as effectively as slowly, if not more so. I don’t see (yet) physical, irrefutable ‘proof’ of our own (human) evolution. We are not animals - we do not have the full set of attributes to be animal - how does an animal evolve into something thats not possible for it to be.
As far as cosmology goes, as you define it, I see us as living within the system, - and objectively describing the ‘true’ reality will always be hampered from making absolute statements by a simple lack of data. :twocents:

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