Evolution in Revised Creed


What do you think of the notion of added the phrase ‘by the process of evolution’ being added to the creed, so that it would say:

… one Being with the Father.
Through him, by the process of evolution, all things were made.
For us and for our salvation …


I’d say what is the point? Actually, I’d say absolutely not.


Um…let me think…


Besides the rocks might object.



But Catholics believe in evolution. So why isn’t it in the creed yet?


Now I know you’re just trying to start a fight! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The creed is a concise statement of major Catholic beliefs. We don’t say anything in the creed about the earth revolving around the sun or about the immorallity of cloning. It’s a creed, not a catechism.

Also, I think it’s pretty obvious from these forums that not all Catholics believe in evolution (at least, not without a thousand qualifications). It’s a matter of scientific investigation, not revealed religious truth central to our salvation.

Interesting proposal, but it will never happen! :wink:


Becuase it has nothing to do with the Christian faith.

The creed also does not say that the sky is blue or that objects with mass are attracted to each other.

“Catholics” believe these are true as well. Should we toss those into the creed while we are at it?



Just because some Catholics believe in evolution does not make it official teachings of the Catholic Church. There’s a big difference there.


Catholics don’t “believe” in evolution. Evolution is science, not religion, and belief plays no part there.

Catholics are free to either accept the evidence as persuasive, or reject it – with a strong bias toward the former position.


I voted “no” because evolution is a scientific belief, not a religious belief. Our religious beliefs are not subject to change. Scientific beliefs have changed for centuries.


While we may believe in evolution but that doesn’t mean we need to or should mess with the Creed to say that. Besides, look what happened the last time the Creed was changed.


We might as well add the existence of protons. That’s not what our faith is for.


Is there some proposal requesting this to be added somewhere?


Speak for yourself.


We are free to believe whatever we want about science, as long as it doesn’t contradict Scripture, interpreted in light of the literary traditions of ancient Greek and Hebrew. (For excellent scientific/linguistic explications of this, read "Show Me God by Fred Heeren and The Science of God by Schroeder.).
The Creed is a short summary of what all Catholics believe.
How God created everything is not important spiritually. The point is that He created everything deliberately, methodically, and perfectly, as opposed to the other creation stories from around the world, where many gods and demigods fight over creation and humanity is often described as an accident or a slave labor source. How long God felt like taking and how He manipulated our genes to make us all is a trivial issue.


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