Evolution or Creationism?


Which do you believe in?


I didn’t vote - both choices are too nebulously defined.


I voted…but I agree. The definitions are lacking.

I believe evolution is possible and it does not disturb my faith.


Provide me with better definitions and I’ll start a new poll. :slight_smile:


Evolution is the process by which God created lol

that’s what I believe…


It’s a touchy subject and hard to define.

I believe in Intelligent Design, however I do not need it to be validated scientifically; for one, because I don’t think anyone can.

When someone says “creationism” I immediately think of “young earth creationism” and I am not tied to the idea that the Earth was created in six days, or that it is only 6,000 years old. If by “creationism” you mean that all matter was created by a supernatural being, then I agree with that assessment based on my own reasoning and faith.

I also am not convinced in “evolution” if, by that term, you mean that all life on earth came from a single cell. There is no proof of this, though I am not against anyone seeking it. I’m also not against anyone seeking God through scientific evidence.

Good luck defining those terms. There are so many branches to them both…


I believe in creationism…that is, that God created everything. I’m leaning towards not believing in evolution, though I’m not particularly opinionated on it. Nor do I think the earth is necessarily 6000 years old or whatever it is.


I couldn’t vote as the options pretty much sound like the same thing.

Once upon a time I was an ardent Theistic Evolutionist, but now I’m a Biblical Creationist. So I believe in a 6-Day Creation by God as written in Genesis. God created a perfect and good world. Adam and Eve were our first biological parents. Death, decay and suffering came into the world after Sin. And several thousand years later God sent His only son into the world as a sacrifice on our behalf to save us from sin and and spiritual death, and thus through physical suffering, rejection and death, He has also proven for us that there is a bodily resurrection. In the world to come the heavens and the now corrupted earth will be restored to a world much alike and better than it originally was where there will be no more death or any of the problems we experience today and the Tree of Life will grow again and the lamb will lie down by the lion.


I didn’t vote because I think there should have been a third option for “both”. I don’t think this is an either/or question.


So I believe in a 6-Day Creation by God as written in Genesis.

Can’t do both. You can accept a literal 6-day creation, or accept what God says in Genesis, but not both. They are mutually exclusive.

Couldn’t vote on this one. “Creationism”, in the accepted sense, rules out biology, geology, physics, astronomy, etc., so that can’t be true. And one can’t “believe in” evolution, since science can only be accepted on evidence, not faith.


Science is subject to interpretation, especially regarding this subject. If the filter all scientists must use is defined as: You must find natural and only natural explanations to this then with these blinders, science must interpret all the evidence in this way only. It is fine to work in this manner but the moment scientists begin to draw conclusions about human origins as assigning our physical and mental/behavioral development to purely natural forces, it begins to touch on questions it cannot answer. That is why Pope Benedict has referred to other areas of reason we still need. For the Catholic, the textbook is only a starting point for a science that has blinded itself to other areas of reason and reality.



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